Today we’re launching Monzo Investments 🎉

This is utterly depressing.
They should do what they are designed to do … grim.

These comments read like a bunch of investment bros panic-withdrawing.

My four-year ESG is up 39%. I’m very happy with that.

As everyone running for fossil fuels has forgotten, these are the stakes:

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You do realise Shell has a higher ESG rating than Tesla? Essentially you’re probably investing in worse companies for the planet, and getting lower returns…

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I get it with the banking but taking an actual financial hit on your investment to feel more “ethical” even though the difference is 0.000000001% in reality (probably less), really?

Yeah, I’m not going to take financial advice from someone who considered lying to their bank to open an account.

Not a great display of financial maturity or competence.


I was unaware that was actually considered a bank account, thinking that it would in reality be a second debit card on my account

Obviously as I described one post later, when it was made obvious that was not the case I was no longer considering it

And thirdly that was an obvious joke…

But hey, if you think Shell will destroy the environment any less without your money invested then you do you

Their profit last year was $74BN, so if you invested 10K it would be 0.001% of 1/74th of that, or 0.00014285714285714%

Essentially we wasted more time thinking about it than the lowest Shell employee will care to know you didn’t invest

And sorry if it sounded a little snarky but I really don’t understand why, is there another view that I missed other than the environment etc?

cries in significant figures

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Apologies in advance if this question has been answered before but… does the money held in the Monzo investment pot count towards the £85k FSCS protection limit?

I am by no means an expert but from what I’ve understood, investments fall outside of the FSCS 85k protection and usually if the retailer (Monzo) goes bust you still own the underlying share (Blackrock) and usually have to wait for this to be transferred to another retailer to carry on your journey.

(edit) and if Blackrock go bust there are bigger things to worry about!

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Not quite. There is cover but a different kind. The units are held by a registrar, not BlackRock, so you’d have to wait until a different retail outfit let you access your holdings in that registrar.

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I have a stupid question regarding Monzo tax free ISA, I can see it works like the regular investments, i.e It cam go up or down, but is there a chance I could take out less than my initial investment? with the regular ISA, of the stocks and shares one?

Currently I am getting a 5.85% return with Virgin Money which matures in September so i’d be looking to move it

Cash ISA - it will only go up
Stocks & Shares ISA - bad timing could mean you could end up with less than you started with which is why they say to only put money in here if it’s going to be there for 10+ years to ride out the dips

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I think I got confused as to what Monzo offer, I thought they offered a Cash ISA, as it asked me which i’d like to transfer and I think it confused me…

Okay, Monzo don’t offer Cash ISA’s, only stocks and shares

They do both, the cash ISA lives in the savings tab of ‘Savings and Investments’ and the S&S ISA under investments.

I’m guessing the cash ISA is through the create a pot-> savings pot flow (I’ve got all types so can’t check myself)

(edit) I’m assuming everything is rolled out to everybody, I never know what’s a slow rollout

Would Monzo consider allowing you to take out a low-interest loan against your investment? A new-ish fintech Sidekick Money has this feature and it’s quite nice peace of mind that you can lock your money up but still access it if-needed, and i’m sure it makes them some money aswell

Oh… I am so stupid :smiley: Thank you, though at 4.6% i may look elsewhere in September… if anywhere is higher, though it can be nice to have under 1 roof

I am currently using Zopa at 5.08%

I know higher rates are available, however, not entirely comfortable with the providers.

I also have a fixed rate one maturing in November, which was the top rate at the time, though is now paltry in comparison. Did do the maths to see if worth paying penalty, and decided wasn’t worth the effort. The former leader? Santander 18m fixed ISA at 4.25% :man_facepalming::rofl:

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Unfortunately Interest rates seem to be coming down, the savings bubble has burst :frowning:


No because one of the government rules about ISAs is that you can’t use them as security for a loan. That will equally apply to an ISA with Sidekick.