Today we’re launching Monzo Investments 🎉

100% agree, if you invest in something you are investing.

This 100% as well, a video titled “My day as an Investor” would be someone who’s actively day trading or something lol.


Whatever you think about it, it’s got you all talking.


They’re still reading the advert and I wish I wouldn’t

I’ve just found it again on TikTok

In my mind, it seems misleading

It doesn’t really matter what I think though because the advert is still up so they’re Obviously not doing anything wrong, Otherwise, it would’ve been taken down in a heartbeat

I can’t see the ad but the screenshot I’m fine with. It says how they stated investing with Monzo which is OK. Curious what the voiceover says


I did download it, but I can’t upload it directly

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I guess technically they are an investor so I don’t personally see any issues with the advert.

EDIT: Clearly there’s a huge difference between robo-investing and day or long term trading. But I doubt serious investors would use Monzo for this anyway.

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Ah it’s the same stupid advert. Would be fine if they said what the caption above says.

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They do have a new advert for the investing, a lot better, I will grab it if I can