Today we’re launching Monzo Investments 🎉

Tell me about it. Annual pension review meeting today. Those two did it no favours at all.

Has anyone seen their ISA transfer go through yet? I know it says up to 30 days but it’s like my life savings are in the ‘pending’ cloud and it makes me nervous :joy:

Mine hasn’t yet. Still showing in Moneybox and no updates from either side :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve known Stocks & Shares ISA transfers to take over 6 months, especially in specie transfers (where shares/funds remain invested).

Having said that, earlier this year I transferred my ISA from Interactive Investor to HSBC, in specie, and it took 10 days, which seems to be somewhat of a record having looked at other forums.

My ISA transfer from nutmeg to Monzo is in progress I pay in every week do I still pay in to nutmeg till it transferred or can I start paying into Monzo

earned 24p so far :star_struck:

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On iOS you can drag the dots back and forth along the projection lines to see where you be at any interval you like?

Sadly, not on android yet :man_shrugging:

Same on Android. Thank you. Far from obvious though and they don’t stay in position when you let go of them. But thanks for pointing that out.

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I really want to move all my investments to Monzo (to sit with my savings and every day current account), but one thing is stopping me. The app-only access. If Monzo really are aiming to be a financial hub, I need more than one way to access my capital other than an app.

I was without a phone for two weeks recently, got by using the emergency web access and Google export but it was clear it was a big inconvenience. This would be multiplied by 10 if all of my savings and investments were also with Monzo too.

Please make the app accessible via Apple Silicone Macs :smiley: or improve the web interface.


Rather torn with the account setup. I’m currently hesitating as the stocks and shares offering at Santander is way more flexible than what seems to be on offer here, but the investment only option seems foolish if I still have the Santander account to use. Neither seems like a good option so I’m stuck at the starting blocks.

I am seeing a strange image on title line and the amount of wrapping over two lines as a result…

Edit: this has since fixed itself … the block graphic has been replaced with an interpunct as before… :smirk:

How slowly is this rolling out, joined the waitlist on day one and still waiting… my impatience is showing :laughing:

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Are you on the latest version of the app?

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On reflection it may have been day two, but still a slow roll out it seems! :sweat_smile:

I was wondering the same :smiley:

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I’m guessing there’ll be roll out pauses to give their ISA transfer team a hope of keeping on top of things :man_shrugging:

I fail to understand why people will use this product given high platform fees. There are many cheap options out there. Am I missing something?

The same reason that people have loans and savings with Monzo. Not everyone is after the absolute best rate, they want convenience.


Yes, maybe it’s just me. But the difference is huge, almost 3x platform fees than vanguard. Compound it for 10-20 years and the nominal difference can be game changer depending on amount invested.