Today’s Direct Debits Still Pending

Hi all,

Seeing as the app is showing 12+ hour waiting times, I thought I’d post here first in hopes someone has/had similar experiences

My app’s been showing three upcoming DDs all weekend as due out today. They’re normally taken around 3am, but today they’re still greyed out showing as due today. When I tap on them it shows “Today, 3:00” but they don’t show up on the statement.

Is there an issue with DD processing? I obviously don’t want them to be registered as late with our providers…

Many thanks!

Mine for today is displaying exactly the same :thinking:

Today, 3.00 but still greyed out.

I still have a pending one for today too

One of my D/D’s has been ‘greyed’ since Friday (stating it is due to be paid on the 9th) and is still greyed at this point. Sometimes the D/D’s are slow at going out, but they are generally taken before 9am.

They won’t be registered as late with the provider. Even if they go out tomorrow and the provider complains, it is the responsibility of the bank to rectify (I’m sure the D/D system accounts for such)

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Delayed again here as well. Same as last Monday

Mine has literally just gone out


Mine have just gone out as I type.

Mine was taken at 8:23am - delayed when compared to normal but all good.

Blue Mondays!

Typically with DDs a provider will mark the sum as paid until they receive an ARUDD from the bank, typically the following working day, which is why DDs can be reattempted later the same day.


Thanks for highlighting this delay, @ndrw , and for subsequent comments. I hadn’t actually noticed the delay.

Mine was taken at 08:27