Three SIM card for use abroad

I’ve just started travelling with a Three sim to use in certain countries where their brilliant data packs work (e.g. £15 for 5gb).

(In case you’re interested, my main number is on Vodafone and I don’t want to move to Three in the UK because the network is better in my area, also, Vodafone have 4G roaming in Europe and Three only let you roam at 3G speeds).

Anyway, to do this, I had to top up and make a chargeable call before I left the UK. And to keep the sim active, I have to make a chargeable call every six months.

I’m being super lazy here, but is there any way to make a chargeable call/sms using my Three account online instead of swapping the sim over and making a call (I remember O2 used to let you send chargeable texts via their website years ago).

I’ve never seen anything like that on Three I’m afraid. I was thinking you could use the Three In Touch app which was the app they used to replicate WiFi calling before they brought in native WiFi calling but I’m pretty sure it’ll do a SIM card check each time you open the app

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Thanks Andy, yes the app store reviews seem to say you need to be on the Three network to use it (which seems to defeat the purpose!)