Thread on Tesco duplicate charges has been hidden from forum

I am very confused, the thread I have been commenting on over the last couple of days on the duplicate payment issues with Tesco has suddenly disappeared in its entirety. @rubendura had very kindly come onto the forum to offer some words on the issue, I replied to his comment, and now the entire thread is gone :slightly_frowning_face::man_shrugging:

This is one of those things you should PM him about. It’s not one for open discussion otherwise this will likely get closed too.

Edit: To add clarity, by “him” I mean @AlanDoe who you referenced in your now deleted comment. But mine comment is still relevant to your initial comment.

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I didn’t see the topic in question but it’s not unusual for posts, or entire threads, to be removed.

Good point, will do :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry yes :slightly_smiling_face: I deleted it as I realised you were right and thought the thread may head down the wrong route if I left it there :slightly_smiling_face: I have PMd him now.

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This was an error whilst doing some admin in the background - we can blame my clumsy fingers for this one. :+1:


The thread is back again: Tesco charged me twice :+1:t3:

Alan beat me to it :man_facepalming:t3:


Team work makes the dream work @Dan5 :muscle:

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Thank you :blush::pray: