I’m surprised they lasted so long on the High Street to be fair. The one in our town was always empty. Whilst it might be nice to go in and browse, smell the chocolate. It’s so much simpler and cheaper to get online and find better quality chocolate.

This is true for much of the high street, and has been for some time. The COVID pandemic has just accelerated the inevitable decline of high street shopping, in my view.

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What about eating all their free samples? :laughing:


Oh yeah completely agree, it’s actually frustrating reading my local groups on social media. They want big shops in town and town should be shops. Sorry but shops are going the way of the dodo, especially in the sectors they all say they want.

Ha ha I suppose that’s one bonus :sweat_smile:

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Propped up by grandparents, I’d hazard. Because when you want to buy gift chocolates, that’s where you go.

That doesn’t mean the general concept (chocolate shop on the high street) is alien to those under 50, though. Hotel Chocolat has seen an increase in revenue.

The closure of Thorntons is not about the chocolate or the quality of it, it’s about nostalgia and the perils of targeting a shrinking market.


If WH Smith survives this year then it’s just proof that they are laundering money.


I can’t believe they are still a thing to be fair. The only time I go into ours is because it’s got a large Post Office in the back.

It’s a horrible hideous place just stacked full of what can only be described as junk.

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Once again this is a case of an existing business plan being sped because of COVID but it would have happened anyway.

They’d already moved their focus towards supplying other retailers, including the supermarkets and the shops were a dying breed. At one point in Meadowhall they had three shops, which seemed a complete overkill when they were always empty.

It’s a bit sad locally though as, and I didn’t know this, Thornton’s was originally established in Sheffield in 1911!


I reckon people go in just to take a look at the terrible carpets and buy a creme egg to justify their trip


Must have a sweet tooth in South Yorkshire :rofl:

I’m still in shock that Sheffield had a John Lewis (although for how much longer who knows), been to it a couple of times when I’ve been visiting the work office in Sheffield.

It’s about the only thing left worth visiting the city centre for! It was originally founded as Cole Brothers a very long time ago and people with longer memories than me still call it Cole Brother!

There’s another department store at the bottom of The Moor but it sits in a different market :joy:


The city centre one near work has a Post Office and that must be all that keeps it going.

The local one in town… money laundering. That’s the only explanation.

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Just read all the WH Smith comments to the wife as she has worked for them since YTS when they bought John Menzies :joy: (took 7 yes off for kids)

The amount of cash the OAP’s splash out on cards is more than keeping them going and they are so over priced :joy::joy::joy::joy:


They used to have 300 shops but before the pandemic it had already dropped to around 30 … instead having concessions in other shops.
The news story did make me go online and order some easter eggs for family … when they arrived they were HUGE.
Can’t beat a bit of nostalgia

Now maybe it is just me, but I thought they had already left “the High Street” once before several years ago

I seem to remember them closing dedicated branches and opening concessions in other stores

(Update: Wikipedia suggests that they closed twice as many as now in 2011 and Portsmouth has not had any recently)

So my main surprise at the news was that they were still open at all

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I haven’t visited a Thorntons shop since about 2004 just before I discovered Amazon. I think I used to go in during my break or lunch in college. Can’t say I bought anything as even then I knew it was cheaper to buy Thorntons in the supermarket.

I used to like the Thorntons easter bunny easter egg - I hope they continue to offer those - saying that, I think Lint has better chocolate anyway

You could make your own by rolling your egg over the carpet before eating it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve always thought it was over rated. I prefer the small independent chocolate tiers unless that’s bias since I work in one.

Tbf im not even a chocolate fan I hate anything that’s too sweet or sickly.

I only shop at top tier chocolate tiers. If it’s not the best tier chocolate tier it’s no tier for me. :cry: