This is What a Smartphone With an 18,000mAh Battery Looks Like

Energizer have recently announced a new smartphone with a whopping 18,000mAh battery.

I know I want more battery in my smartphone but surely this takes the biscuit? :joy::joy::joy:

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But then how long does it take to charge?


Does it fold though! Pffft… :laughing:


Surely at that point you might as well just carry a separate power pack…


Exactly. I have one that will recharge my iPhone completely about 4 times before it’s dead. Great for weekends away, and weighs less than that beast!

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To be honest it looks like Energizer have created a battery pack and slapped a screen on it haha.

iPhone 15


Apple will copy this and say they did it and call it the iPhone 15 or whatever number is next

yawn ok.

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Can you not call me names please, I find it offensive and uncalled for.

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Oh! it’s actually going to be released? I thought it’d be a concept phone or something. :rofl:

More battery is cool, but this would be awful in a pocket.

It seems to be one extreme to another. I think a battery which will last 24 hours for video playback will be more than enough (the Energizer one lasts 2 days) as you’ve got to sleep sometime. Hell, 12 hours should be enough video playback - but for me, 2 hours of GPS/satnav, 2 hours of basic email/web browsing, 2 hours of Youtube and then 12 hours on standby would be appreciated and will meet my daily needs (and give it 6 hours a day charging).

Isn’t that just normal? I’m sure my phone (Nokia 8) manages that.

What I would like to see is the ability to stop charging beyond 80% unless I really need it. Day to day I don’t need it and if I remember to unplug in time, then I can avoid charging it too much. The thing with these batteries, is the charging to the max, and discharging stresses out the battery and causes it to hold less charge over time.

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Well even that is offensive to me also I think you’ll find that it is well known that Apple take other people’s work and call it their own so I’m not trolling anyone thanks.

I hope @cookywook issues you a warning as calling names is in clear breach of the CoC

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I can imagine if you were going on holiday or working somewhere extremely remote it might be handy to know you’l always have power. But why don’t they build a battery case for the popular Samsung & Apple phones instead of trying to build a phone with the gigantic battery.

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Retracted and I apologise for the fence taken.