This is happing most days and usually at 4am

I work at Wilkos and I tend to make purchases in the middle and end of my shift so 8:30pm and midnight, however say like if I make a purchase for £4 at 11:59 at 4am the £4 comes out of my account again I have spoken to my manager and he said contact my bank which I found to be a really difficult thing to do any idea of what I could do because I can’t report it at fraud I know no one is in wilko after we leave so it’s no one using my bank details

Sounds like Wilko makes an initial hold at 11.59pm at purchase and then recharges the whole transaction again at 4am when it processes all the previous days transactions in one go separately. Something similar occurs at some Tesco stores. It’s unfortunatly how Wilko process payments and how Monzo takes holds immediately. Nothing you can do really, your initial hold should be released in a few days.


Why is it a difficult thing to do?

Help - contact us - job done

However have you looked at the 1st transaction and does it state it’s pending down the bottom, if so nothing to report as that’s just the amount getting held until Wilko’s systems take the actual payment later on, you wouldn’t even know this happens with a normal old style bank as they don’t all do instant notifications.


Is it actually coming out of your account again, or is it updating the existing transaction on the app?

Similar things happen when you do Pay at Pump at the petrol station, you will get a “Transaction Pending” it tends to be a hold on the card until the charge is made.