Things I would like in Monzo

These are more ‘quality of life’ improvements I would like in Monzo rather than ‘missing banking functionality’ - but what are other people’s thoughts? Agree/disagree/better ideas?

  • Linked/Connected transactions
    Yesterday I received a refund from Amazon but it looks like it was just a cancelled authorisation from the 17th. It would be nice, if possible, for these to be shown ‘linked’ (a little chain icon on the feed maybe) to make it easy to find.

  • Linked Merchants
    Many people, like myself, pay their credit card bills (or loans) or similar using Direct Debits on their Monzo account. They probably also make ‘overpayments’ more than the DD asks for my sending payments - it’ll be nice if there was a way of associating multiple ‘Sort code … Account number … Reference …’ with a direct debit/merchant (I say multiple was the reference numbers may change on card reissuance: MBNA likes the card number to be the reference number). That way it’ll make it easier to see what I’ve spent on my credit card instead of having to look for ‘MBNA logo’ direct debits and ‘mbna’ transfers out.

  • Payments in multiple categories
    Again, credit card mainly related. When I pay my credit card bill (by Direct debit or transfer), it’ll be nice to be able say ‘Split payment’ and allocate the funds to specific categories (‘of the £500 credit card bill, £350 was Groceries, £50 was entertainment and £100 misc’) to help further expense tracking. If I could further allocate some of those to merchants, it’ll be brilliant.

  • Custom icons for feed items
    I received some money from another Monzo user (I’m guessing it was a Monzo-to-Monzo payment as there is no indication on the transaction item on how it was received) and it’ll be nice to be able to give them a picture on the feed list - same with my salary payments, outbound payments to our joint account account etc etc.

  • Summary ranges
    I’d like to be able to view (ideally on a zoomable bar graph), spending per day/week/month for the last week/month/year. If the bars could be reasonably colour coded per category and, once you’ve zoomed in, clickable to show the detailed breakdown/transaction list for that selection, it’ll be brilliant.


All cool ideas. I’m more excited for the big list to be completed so things like this can start happening, but I realise loads need some of the stuff there to make a full switch.

For example, I’m more excited about the coin jar tidy up that should bring the ability for transactions to exist within transactions.

Or maybe linking with your email account to show some detailed order info?

Monzo, for me is perfect.
The only thing I would like is custom cards.


This one has been asked about before, the issue is there is no transaction information that would link them & the amount may not match a previous transaction (partial refund).

I understand for normal refunds, but I wasn’t sure if this was a card authorisation which was never settled and the authorisation timed out after 3 days (in which case, there should be sufficient info to tie it together).

  • Direct Debits/Standing Orders/Merchant specific pots
    Already been suggested many times before.

  • Hideable pots
    I’d like some pots to be hidden by default (for example, I want to set up an IFTTT style trigger [probably do it directly myself to be fair via the API], so that when my salary ‘hits’ the money for utility bills, insurance, council tax is automatically distributed to the appropriate pots [very handy for yearly insurance - move 1/12th across each month] so it’s not ‘available’ for spending but is available for those bills whenever in the month/year it comes out).

  • Quiet pots/pot alerts
    I’d like movement into/out of those pots to be hidden by default from the feed (quiet pots) - but going to a ‘Show all pots’ and selecting the pot would show the transaction list. However, if ‘Pot X is goes below Y amount’, I’d like an ‘alert’ in my main feed.

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:beer::smoking::leaves:BAD HABITS :leaves::smoking::beer:
A category where I can track how much I’m spending on things I shouldn’t be


I don’t know anything about business or banking but I’m slowly trying to set up an online store and I’d really love it if you could use the link as some sort of embedded thing to take payments on websites instead of using PayPal. That way I could track all my incoming payments right in my Monzo app and wouldn’t have to worry about messing about with PayPal and transfering the money in there etc…

  • Magic link emails to provide more details
    For example - ‘Login on Monzo App - requested on Nexus (Android phone) by IP xx.xx.xx.xx [Provider name/Country]’ or ‘Login to - requested on Google Chrome (Windows 10) by IP xxx.xx.xx [Provider name/Country]’.

    Whilst ‘low concern’ at the moment with limited 3rd party things, it’s possible for someone to do a targeted timing attack to achieve access. (For example: I see my co-worker going to login to and I, being the controller of ‘malicious website’ which is setup as a 3rd party site, trigger a login flow at the same time for their email address - if they click on my generated email instead of the web.monzo one, then I’ll have their token…).

    Very least, it’ll give a heads-up to what somebody is logging into for conformation.

I’m hard on myself and use the tag #unnecessary quite a lot. :grin:

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Definitely this. My other half was not happy about giving up her custom card for a plain Monzo joint account card

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