There’s a beer with your name on it

@cwtch At one of the Norwich pubs (Garden House).


You, my kind sir, have just earned a place in my prestigious good books!

Luckily, there’s a Tiny Rebel near to where I live, and so I will be paying a visit to see if they have this!


If you’re in Oxford you can sometimes find Cwtch on tap like in the Head of the River.

and Turf

and Rickety Press

It’s rare to find the others on Tap, but I’ve seen a few cans to buy instead.

You can also find Cwtch in Waitrose in can form.

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Can’t beat Narwich for a pub crawl! In fact my gf is heading there on Saturday with her work friends, and I will be there in October (and probably before) for the beer fest!

Great city…rubbish football team (ITFC4EVER)