There are cash withdrawal limits, but are there limits to how much I can spend using my card both online (e.g. via uber) and in store?

I see there is a £200 cash withdrawal limit but I have spent quite a lot here in India just on the card… What is the limit to how much I can spend on card and how do I check how much of my limit I have left? There is a nice section of the app for telling me how much more cash i can take out but nothing for general card spending.
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Go to the help section of the app, search for ‘limits’, tap on ‘See Limits’.

Every limit associated with your account is listed there.

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There are no limits to how much you can spend on your card overall.

There is a daily cap though. For most people, it’s £10,000/day.

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There is no card spending limit, there is a daily cap of 10k