Theme parks and the likes - Best approach?

Yup, this is what I mean. I can manually correct each of these but that isn’t really practical on a long term basis :sweat_smile:

We will look into what is possible here :blush:

Regex is your friend and let’s just hope on the big supermarkets having legacy bank style systems that mean they rarely change :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

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Another similar situation here is PayPal. Everything is a Direct Debit and they show up as the merchant which is fine, but it’d be great for more data to be put in the notes such as the actual store I purchased it from. Maybe like xyz shop via PayPal. The only issue is that I dont think they pass any other data other than the transaction ID.

I’ve not had a detailed look at the API, but is their scope to connect Monzo to apps? That way, Monzo could connect to PayPal and look up the ID to get actual transaction data

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I’ve found the best approach is to go late in the day when many people have already left and the queues are shorter.

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