The wallet / bag discussion

Did you say that this was MagSafe? Or matching case as in just the same colour?

No it’s just a matching colour to the phone case which is magsafe. I’ve been using the Satechi magsafe wallet but it’s so heavy I’ve scaked it off all ready lol.

I’ve been quite happy with the Peak Design MagSafe wallet, and it has a whopping great capacity too. Got myself a Peak Design camera sling since, too.

Also, the Apple leather strap from MyMemory has grown on me, it’s now my favourite strap…

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Mine is still my daily wear, I love it but wish it was the inside brown colour rather than midnight lol. I don’t see the £99 value in it but for what we paid from MyMemory it’s perfect.

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This is my wallet :joy: had it for years and no idea which brand it was and it did have a leather sleeve thing. Scratches my cards to bits.

I should really invest in a new one.

Yes, once I broke the leather in it became much better than initially and it fits me excellently. It’s my daily wear too.

Like you I wish it was saddle brown or even black. And £50; not £99.

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I may have gone overboard. :grimacing:


Now you just need a matching Jacket, shoes, belt…

I wouldn’t be caught dead in a leather jacket.


I do like a leather jacket :dotted_line_face:

Brown, not black though.

You say that as if it makes it any better! That makes it worse!


So I wonder if anyone has anything similar or knows of a product that would fit.

I’m looking for a small(ish) day bag that has enough room to carry a 500ml bottle of water, wallet, headphones, sunglasses, all the usual stuff. But also with a compartment for a small camera (mirrorless).

I hate backpacks with a passion. All I can find are dedicated camera bags with no room for anything else.

Have a look at the Crumpler bags, you don’t have to use it all for camera storage.

I was really disappointed by the phone case. Looked dirty and discoloured in no time.

That goes against every single review I’ve seen online.

So the stiching on my Ryan London card wallet is coming undone in the corner, I’ve melted the ends for now, not impressed!

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