The Vegan Thread!

(Kyle Risi) #161

I couldn’t agree more with that statement I wonder what % of their sausage rolls are actually meat! Also vegan food is surprisingly good, I could do it! :+1:

(Liam) #162

Hemp milk is my favourite!

(Jack) #163

I’m be making a trip to go get one later today :yum:

(Rachel Raybould) #164

Just seen the burger. Too scared to taste it but took over the name of last vegetarian burger.


I’m no vegan, but the mere fact that this has riled up the spam-faced manbabies is just beautiful to see.

(Ben ) #166

Just had a look at Iceland’s website for Gregg’s Frozen Sausage Rolls - 18% pork in the total roll.

Probably maps out to “the minimum amount of meat we can use to call it a sausage, legally”.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #167

Piers Morgan rapidly turning into the sort of snowflake he’s constantly ranting about, I see.:joy:

(Simon B) #168

Looks like I’m gonna have to pop down to Greggs tomorrow then!

(Jack) #169

Go early! I just went and they didn’t have any left.
I should have expected it to be popular.

(Jack) #171

Thoughts… Unless side by side I couldn’t tell the difference on taste. On looks you can tell but that’s not important to me.
Overall I prefer the Vegan version as it’s less greasy and on paper better for you :clap:t3:

(Jack) #172

This may not be new to any of you but it is to me. Thought it was interesting!


I eat meat but this year my new years resolution was to eat less meat, I decided on something that should be easy to do, I’ve always liked some vegetarian food. So my chicken burgers are now Quorn Southern Fried burgers, my hot dogs are lincolnshire vegetarian ones, so I’m still having things I like just with different things. Chicken curry with Quorn and so on. Only 12 days in and I’m not struggling to cut down on meat.

The vegan sausage rolls in greggs are nice.

(Liam) #174

That’s something that surprised me going vegetarian and then vegan - it wasn’t actually a big deal to make the change. I thought it would be a real struggle, and in the back of my mind I thought I’d give up pretty quickly.


Do your kids have a choice?


Not a vegan but have moved away from eating quite as much meat as I had, I would suspect my meals consist now of 2/3rds no meat and 1/3rd meat.

Always interested in trying new things

(Jake) #177

Our kids are 2 and 5 we’ve educated them fairly and told them exactly what they are eating. The youngest is too young to understand / make a choice but the eldest certainly prefers to be vegan :blush:


How close in taste to the normal Gregg’s one? I’m tempted to try it.

(#savetheseabass) #179

Every time somebody eats a vegan sausage roll, Piers Morgan cries. It’s worth it

(P Burrows) #180

Tried them today! Loved it. I got my sister to try one as she eats meat and she thouroughly enjoyed it.

(Jack) #181

Very close. Probably wouldn’t be able to tell unless had one straight after the other.