The Vegan Thread!


Thanks for the explanation :smiley:

My school had a working farm so we were informed about meat and it’s impact from an early age and the school then left it up to us to decide and I think that was the best idea really.

I’m never going to stop eating meat personally but certainly respect those who have

(Liam) #142

I’m going on a trip to London in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping to take the opportunity to stuff my face in a place that actually has veggie restaurants.

Any suggestions? :smile:

(Simon B) #143

I highly recommend Mooshies on Brick Lane if you’re in that area!

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(Jake) #145

Me and my parter plus our two kids are vegan and i’ve been vegan now for 5 years :slight_smile: never looked back!

(Glenn Lewis) #146

Watched ‘What The Health’ the other day on Netlfix. Didn’t realise what it was at first, as it was all about the health aspect of a lot of food and how bad it is.

Then the mentions of plant based diet started and I realised it was a Vegan film.

To be honest though, it got me thinking. I’m a massive meat eater, and I don’t really think about the Animal Rights side of things too much, but I’m honestly considering the switch. I’m scared though, as it means way more planning and thinking ahead, when I’m used to just eating whatever I want. I think I could make it work though, possibly.

(Simon B) #147

So… 2019 is my tenth year of being vegan.

The planning/thinking ahead lasted maybe a year? In fact, probably less. And if it were today, with the rapid rise of veganism leading to full on vegan ranges in most supermarkets now, it probably would have taken no time at all.

After that initial period, it’s like any habits, it just becomes second nature and you don’t need to think about it much.


I may try this tomorrow for the bants (if the macros aren’t horrendous!)

(Peter Shillito) #149

A new pub near me opened and has a separate vegan menu including the “Moving Mountains” B12 burger. I went in to try it and they’d sold out :cry: but they substituted in their standard soy burger, which was also pretty nice. They had some “not just for vegans” signs up, which was interesting. Don’t usually see that.

The menu also says they’d swap the chicken in their chicken burgers for Quorn!

If anyone finds themselves in Crewe, it’s

On the topic of Veganuary product launches, Waitrose are launching some tofu and seaweed-based “fishless fingers” which I’m looking forward to trying. They don’t list them online yet though…

EDIT: For the Greggs sausage roll, they’ve put the list of stores offering it online now: glad to see two of the ones in Crewe are selling it. I also notice Greggs are saying “From £1” which suggests some stores may be more expensive.

(Rachel Raybould) #150

I have been vegetarian for 10 years now but find it hard to go vegan as I am allergic to a lot of nuts. What milk is there that isn’t the rice one? In my opinion the rice one is awful.



(#savetheseabass) #152

Soy or coconut as well (if coconut is safe for you)

(Peter Shillito) #153

Went out to Greggs this morning to try and get a vegan sausage roll and they’d only just had the delivery so there were none ready for breakfast ;_;

Had a couple at lunch just now though. They just taste like a sausage roll lol. I am very curious what their relationship and contract with Quorn is for it though. It’s a bespoke filling (as existing Quorn sausage rolls aren’t vegan) and so I wonder how long before Quorn update their existing sausage roll line or add the product separately, and whether it has Greggs branding or not. Currently, only Iceland sell Greggs branded frozen products, so that may also affect things.

It’s been an interesting week though, with McDonald’s introducing a spicy veggie wrap (also part of the Happy Meal for the first veggie Happy Meal ever), Pizza Hut Restaurants introducing more vegan pizzas with gary and jackfruit, and Iceland also introducing a few vegan pizzas.

Hooray for Veganuary!


I’ll be interested to see if Greggs add it to their Iceland frozen range and if it’ll be in conjunction with quorn

(Peter Shillito) #155

Ah, quick addendum, the McDonald’s spicy veggie wrap is apparently only not labelled as vegan as they use the same toaster as burger buns and the like which contain milk, but all actual ingredients are vegan.



I’m off to find a vegan sausage roll at Gregg’s just for their social game.

(Kyle Risi) #157

Went out this morning to get a vegan sausage roll, unfortunately they never made it to my local Greggs, I’m not a vegan


I’m not a vegan but am absolutely down for eating more vegan food. Vegan sausage rolls in particular - the meat in the normal ones is plainly suspect…


The nutritional info on them is pretty good, more protein than the non vegan variant which is great to see and not much change on the fats or carbs

(Peter Shillito) #160

A reminder that not all Greggs stores have them