The Vegan Thread!

Huh. Pigs do actually fly. Genuinely thought KFC wouldn’t try.


I’ll try it in order to show support, for sure. Not sure how regularly I’d set foot in one of their stores after that though.


Think we can collectively meither Burger King UK to bring The Impossible Whopper over here?

Had no idea this thread existed, so happy :blush::seedling:


Quorn are from my hometown, so I always look out for them, but I am particularly enjoying their VSRs

Story on them today


This is probably about right for a balanced diet really

New post from Monzo yesterday! :seedling::green_heart:

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I didn’t think much of that post. Might be different down South, but Linda McCartney sausages are dirt cheap round here, often beating supermarkets’ own brand veggie sausages and, in some cases, the real meat equivalents (Walls 8 pork sausages for £2, Linda McCartney 6 sausages for £1.25). Of course, if all you eat is vegetables you cook yourself, then of course it’s going to be dirt cheap. Violife’s range of gary is on sale regularly, but I’ll admit they’re typically more expensive than most non-vegan cheese, although I don’t know how Sainsbury’s own range is for value.

One bit I do fully agree with is specialist veggie/vegan restaurants are pretty much always going to be overpriced because their audience is more limited and so produce things in smaller quantities (I went to by Chloe in London and it was crazy expensive, but also awful so there’s that too :rofl:). We’ve got local pubs offering veggie/vegan versions of a lot of their menu items at no extra cost (even when they use gary instead of cheese) and most chain restaurants offer at least a few options. Gone are the days when the only vegan option is a salad (except KFC lol (for now…)).

But overall I reject the “veggie/vegan fake meat is more expensive than real meat” idea.

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I agree tbh, I’ve found veganism far cheaper in general - including meat subs!

And yep, same in the south, Lindas are usually on offer for £1 somewhere or other.

Saying that, I’ve just remembered a vegan place in Birmingham called Fressh that does an incredible spicy meatball sub for about a fiver. More reasonable than the Subway equivalent IIRC.

Ok, I am not a vegan, I am a meateater.

However, I would like to reduce the amount of meat I do eat so on that basis, what Vegetarian and Vegan cookbooks would people recommend?


Bosh is a great book, there is plenty of great meals in it and I think you can get your hands on it for £8 roughly. I also liked the last Joe Wicks veggie book. Give them a whirl!

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It’s worth mentioning that most receipes you can substitute the meat with the soy/plant/quorn equivalents and they come out tasting pretty much the same (Quorn mince does soak up a lot of water though so do bear that in mind).


Depends on the shop but I very rarely find them under £2 in London in major supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s) :frowning: £2 is the typical list price, and rarely they’ll be on offer for £1.

Overall, being vegan doesn’t have to be more expensive, and often can be a much cheaper alternative to a diet that includes meat.

I think this is a fair conclusion. Meat is heavily subsidised, and plant-based foods are currently quite specialty, so it’s expected that they would be more expensive by default – that is, like for like – but you can definitely do it cheaply if you intend to do so.

And, here’s another secret trick of the trade from Beth, Co-op’s jam and custard donuts are suitable for vegans and are only 75p for a pack of 5. “However,” Beth adds, “this knowledge has proved very dangerous for my diet!”

I learned this a few weeks ago and I’ve literally eaten more than 50 donuts in… 3 weeks :no_mouth: I go to the co-op in the evening and every so often the donuts are discounted to 16p for a quick sale. A very dangerous price.

How to be vegan on a budget: not live in London :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh hey, bonus money saving tip: If you’re in a low traffic or low veggie/vegan population area, and there’s a Holland & Barratt, they start to mark down their fresh products from a month before the expiry date to reduce waste, rather than a day or before. They’re normally pretty expensive compared to supermarkets, but they occasionally have pretty good deals (especially when they do their mix and match deals that cover everything in-store).

Not all H&B stores have fridges and freezers though.


Sadly they closed down :pensive:


Yeah. Another of my favourite spots, Not Dogs, randomly closed down with no warning, whilst I was away as well. That was another of our go-to vegan places. And 3 Three’s Coffee, which used to be all vegan, is now vegetarian & vegan split.

Some of the chatter in the Birmingham Vegans group seems to indicate that this is an unfortunate casualty of veganism becoming vastly more popular in the last year or so (it’s been on an upwards trend for a while, but there seems to have been a tipping point). Basically, most mainstream places have vegan options now. The vegan sausage roll at Greggs, Boots has a vegan food range, so does M&S, all the major supermarkets etc. Independent vegan snack/lunch/fast food places can’t compete on pricing, so struggle to survive.

The flip-side of it is that upmarket vegan dinner establishments are thriving. There’s an amazing place in Birmingham called Ba-Ha, run by two lovely girls. They’ve done so well that they’ve moved to bigger premises twice in the last 12 months, and most recently Kevin Smith showed up there to eat when he was here after seeing them on HappyCow. It’s a sit-down dinner kind of place, so the Greggs and M&S stuff doesn’t affect their customer base as much, but I would highly, highly recommend going next time you’re in Birmingham.


I’ve nothing against vegans but why do some of them insist forcing their values on meat eaters?

I live in Brighton and we’ve had a few incidents in the last few months of vegan activists storming restaurants such as Mcdonalds, Greggs and a popular steakhouse waving banners with images of dead animals. If you’re having a family meal with young children they don’t want to see this and on the flip side you never here of meat eaters invading vegan restaurants waving rib eye steaks about, just a thought lol.

Brighton is great for vegan restaurants and even though we are meat eaters we do like to do a meat free night sometimes.