The Vegan Thread!

(Ben ) #275

What do people here think about some of the additives that come with nut milks?

A lot of them have stabilisers and thickeners etc - is that something that bothers you when buying them? (Genuinely curious)

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(Jon Moss) #276

Good question @BritishLibrary Ben.

Not so much the additives but I don’t like the oil in the Oatly Barista, but that’s what allows it to foam well. IMHO anything is better than normal milk.

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(Rachel Raybould) #277

Just had the papa johns vegan pizza. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet as something is off with the smell. I have leftovers for tomorrow to re test.

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Whats there vegan pizza?

(Rachel Raybould) #279

I had the Vegan Sheese Garden Party. The cheese is the biggest change between the pizzas.

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Ah I see, I tried Pizza Express’ vegan ‘cheese’ option before, it’s fine, I imagine it’s similar. But I think I would just go for pizza without cheese if I was to go for a vegan option again. Pizza is quite nice without cheese!

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(Rachel Raybould) #281

It is really good isn’t it without cheese :hot_coral_heart:. I have a lactose intolerant friend and when we order pizza it has to be like that.

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(Kate 🌈) #282

What does everyone think about this?
The company is problematic to say the least, but I lean towards the side of supporting vegan options from larger chains rather than boycotting them in order to prove demand and show the company they’re making the right decision by offering plant based options - as well as the fact it’s putting them right in front of the general public and highlighting how easy and accessible veganism can be.
I’ll most likely try it when it’s out.
Plus, for me at least, it’ll finally be a chance to try Monzo’s Flux integration. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe im out of the loop. How are they problematic?

(Kate 🌈) #284

A lot of vegans on social media are saying they won’t buy a vegan option from KFC due to the number and poor welfare of the chickens they farm for their products, so there is an ethical problem in that sense and I do see their point.

However the same could be said about buying Tesco branded vegan products despite the Hogwood Farm incident for example. Some have boycotted the entire supermarket, whilst others still choose to buy their vegan products there.

It’s up to each individual where they draw the line and how they see each situation.

(Rachel Raybould) #285

Soooo excited.
My family love KFC and only having beans is getting “fun”…
I will go try when it comes out and give a review.

(Rachel Raybould) #286

Very true. I don’t eat meat cause it tastes awful to me. But some vegans are as I like to call it “aggressive” with shouting at people to become vegans. Everything is a scale I think.

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Ah i see. More so from a vegan ethical point then than anything? KFC chickens are reared in the same conditions as basically all mainstream UK chickens suppliers, at least in the last year. That must severely limit options for vegan people if they’re boycotting places selling chicken raised at that standard? (I know the pain in this)

Options are good. I wonder if the vegan ‘chicken’ tastes decent and if it will be the same options they have in Vietnam. Probably not something ill be able to eat like most KFC anyway unfortunately.

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(Kate 🌈) #288

Yep, that’s pretty much it! I feel the same way - there seems to be a focus on KFC and general anger on posts about this burger, but you’re exactly right, it’s not any different from the majority of other places that also sell chicken.

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(Peter Shillito) #289

Huh. Pigs do actually fly. Genuinely thought KFC wouldn’t try.

(Simon B) #290

I’ll try it in order to show support, for sure. Not sure how regularly I’d set foot in one of their stores after that though.

(Peter Shillito) #291

Think we can collectively meither Burger King UK to bring The Impossible Whopper over here?


Had no idea this thread existed, so happy :blush::seedling:

(Michael) #293

Quorn are from my hometown, so I always look out for them, but I am particularly enjoying their VSRs

Story on them today

(James Blackwell) #294

This is probably about right for a balanced diet really