The return of Palm?!

Now this is interesting.

Palm in 2019 probably has very little in common with the Palm of old (much like Blackberry) - but I’ll still be keenly following what happens here.

Anyone here ever own a Palm Pre? That device layed a lot groundwork for stuff we see in both Android and iOS these days (as did Danger’s HiptopOS from the Sidekick range).


I had a succession of the pre-Pre (i.e. non-smartphone) devices but moved onto Windows Mobile for my first proper smartphone.

I still have an original Palm Vx somewhere about the house.


:heart:️ webOS

Reminds me of the BlackBerry Torch

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It amuses me* that a lot of UI paradigms of swiping and multitasking were pioneered by WebOS on Palm devices and Meego on the Nokia N9 back in ~2009-2011 but were seen at the time as too complicated for “ordinary users” by the tech press and were inevitably squashed by the iOS and Android juggernauts (and also the foot-shooting of Nokia).

But now on the iPhone X and iOS 11 and Android P what’s old is new again and we’ve got this “revolutionary” (not at all) multitasking going on, and everyone’s happy with it.

* infuriates me greatly, I’d say to approximately 0.6 brexits, or that’s a hemitrump in imperial

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I still miss webOS, though like @vitaminj said it amuses me that iOS and Android are still introducing webOS-like features nearly a decade on!

I continue to resent HP for what they did to Palm.

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I was going to get a Pre at the time the 3G was released, but decided to go with the phone. The iPhone wasn’t Thea smash hit until the 4 was released, but the 3 felt really good, the touch screen was much more responsive, and it seemed like it would last. Palm died soon after so I’m glad I made the right choice.
It’s such a tough market you have to wonder why anyone is even trying to compete with Apple & Samsung now, I’ve owned a few HTC Android phones over the years and liked them but they just don’t compete with the quality of the big two so its no wonder they struggle. I’m not saying no one should try to compete, but they really do need to offer something unique to make people switch. The Essential phone looked promising but even that is looking shaky now.

I think the original HTC One (M7) was a blinder, and definitely competed with the flagship iPhone and Galaxy S of that year.

These days, Samsung makes sense for the mass market, but if you’re interested in tech it’s hard to compete with the Pixel range.

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What on earth is this?!!!

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What date is it…?

April fools?

YES! This is right up my alley!


I have nothing but the fondest of memories of the Palm Pre. Got one at launch all those years back and it was killer. WebOS was just on another level for its time, it’s just such a shame they couldn’t survive the late 2000s smartphone wars :frowning:

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