The refrigerator thread

By popular demand :smiling_imp:

But really we perhaps ought to merge it all into a home appliance thread? I doubt there’ll be enough kettle chat a week from now, but a more general thread could keep going for longer


Let’s give it a go and see how it pans out. I worry that things could get unwieldy in one thread! And who’d have thought that kitchen roll would have proved so enduring a topic…

So, fridges. I’d really like an American one. But it’d have to be slim because #SpaceConstraints

I remain sceptical of the ones with screens and internet connectivity.

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Where is the fridge emoji, I want to know…

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These are the important questions.

Anyway, as you so clearly wanted to know, this was the state of the display after about eight months.

I’d like a two-door fridge too. Can’t remember the fridge in the house we looked at so will have to see what I’m working with once we’re in

We didn’t think to measure ours when we bought it. Lucky we can still get in and out!

It didn’t even fit through the front door without the handles being removed.


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Bought this one yesterday. BF discount and had a £40 off voucher too from when we moved.