The race to TEN MILLION users

Monzo. And now it is at 51.10%

Like you’ll read this accurate response


Is the counter accurate? It flutters up and down

As discussed at length every time we get near a notable limit, the counter is served from different CDN servers between refreshes and they are not all in perfect synch. No great conspiracy


Have you not seen all the “Help! Monzo closed my account” threads?!?!?

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I’d rather see active users then accounts that have just been made.

How would you qualify an active account?

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If you want this info you need to qualify for TS Anil’s monthly fireside DAUMAU zoom call… Just need to invest 10 million dollars and sign an NDA :smile: Us mortals count ourselves lucky to have a live feed of total users :pray:


Where wages go in and bills get paid and have an actual daily use not where someone just puts £50 in once a month for a weekend spend down the pub.

ten million means nothing is 50% of the accounts are never used and 20% have been closed***

*** I am making those figures up


Closed accounts used to be removed from the total

I’m assuming that’s still true


Yeah you’ll think it still will, especially if it used too

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That’s exactly how I’d qualify an active user. I’m sure the active users (by our own qualification criteria) are far, far less than the 5M+ sign-ups, but I strongly suspect it isn’t a metric Monzo would ever publish. Another unknown:

I have a Personal account. MrsW has a personal account. We have a Joint Account too. Technically, we have contributed 3 sign-ups to the 5M+ figure, but 2 of those are totally unused as we use only the Joint account for everything. The only reason my Personal account is used is to feed the 1p Savings challenge, used to segregate work expense advances, overseas spending (!) and so I can have travel and mobile insurance.

Another example - there are 46294 users on this forum. I’ll bet only 1% - 2% are ‘active’


52.17% done :slightly_smiling_face: