The race to SIX MILLION users is over

It is a shame it’s gone. But I think there’s also the other side to it from your point about transparency.

Previously (as I understand it), it just a counter of accounts. You had to have a personal account, so that’s what they counted. If you opened it, didn’t like the app and never touched it again, then you’re still a +1.

Now there are the nuances to that, are you really a customer if you got a card in 2016 and did nothing with it? Are you a customer if you moved your bills manually and haven’t touched the £5 you left in your account in a year?

You no longer need a personal account to get a business account, so if I have personal and business am I +2? What about if I share the business account with someone who isn’t with Monzo? Is this account already counted for me? Does it count for them too? Or are you doing the work to de-dupe me from both lists?

I’m sure these are all metrics they follow internally, but are they worth the time and effort to display an overall number for us to see? Probably not. And without that work, it’s not accurate. If they didn’t care about it being accurate or transparent or whatever, they could just add Rand(1-10) at y interval and we’d be absolutely non the wiser.


I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight unless I know whether Monzo have 6 million customers or not :grimacing:


Hey everyone, thanks for your patience – based on the metric that used to be on the site we reached 6M at 23:14 last night, February 9th :slightly_smiling_face:

Who won the sweepstake? :eyes:

Like we said before, because there are different ways to define this we aren’t anchoring to this one any more, which is why you wont see us change it on the site.


These guys were closest it seems!


Does @breville_monkey get a plushie now?

Also, I think I got pretty close too when you ignore my typo!

That was meant to say February 2+7=9!


Yeah not one for that cheater @bee who used their Monzo insider knowledge :wink: :rofl:


Even then, @breville_monkey was 1 minute closer!


I can’t imagine there will be a Race to Seven Million or beyond, a piece of Monzo culture consigned to the history books I fear. :sob:



No idea if Monzo advertising on the App Store is new or not, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen one! Seen loads of other fintechs advertise here, but never Monzo. They show up as an ad if you search for apps like Starling Bank now too, or Chase. Just like Starling show up as an ad if you search for Monzo.


Oh yes! Well done on second place @bee :smirk:

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