The race to SIX MILLION users is over

Yep and they did really well too. They had to go on an emergency hiring spree to cope with the surge of new customers :rocket:

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They had a massive response, and did the job, along with other advertising, be nice to see something on TV again, then you can see how quickly 7 million comes along.

Could see something else being done like a sponsorship which gets a decent airing for the same kind of spend.

Or painting a couple of busses in a very Monzo heavy area of the UK instead.

You could a shirt sponsorship in Premier League or Championship for the money spent on a TV campaign, especially as the price will drop as betting firms are banned from shirts soon

Another 24,000 in the last five days

Would be about three weeks from now at that rate


I know that. Would be strange to get rid of the horse completely, but doesn’t stop me being fed up with the horse running everywhere.

That’ll never change. The offices are covered in it along with other branding from the group.

My favourite is mbna and the cookies :sweat_smile: probably biased as when I was office based I sat right next to a big picture of it :joy:

63,252 to go


I think I guessed 2025 :grimacing:

Okay texting all my friends to leave Monzo now to slow this down

edit: no it’s okay that was 10 million carry on


I reckon it’ll be Saturday at 1pm.


Sunday 6th Feb at 7:40pm

It’s always a Sunday for a big milestone :+1:

I bet 9th of February at 10:36am

no internal data was used in this calculation


Okay random guess here, 9th February at 10.37am


Strange, I was just thinking 9th February at 10:35am.


9/2/22 at 10:34 est. just to be safe.

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9-2-22 10.38 am

Hey everyone – I wanted to drop in to let you know we’ll be simplifying the number we show on the website to make how we talk about this metric more consistent – and I’m flagging it here as I know you use this to track progress towards the latest milestones.

When we first added this counter to the website, we’d only recently launched the current account and moved away from the prepaid card. A while ago! Since then we’ve grown and added many new products and features – from Monzo Business, to Savings Pots, to Monzo Flex. There are a few different ways to define the number of customers we have anyway (think MAU, DAU, business accounts, joint accounts etc.), and this has become even more complex as we’ve grown. So we’ve decided to simplify the number on the site to make things more consistent.

From later today it’ll show we have “more than 5 million customers”, instead of the specific number. We’ll still change it when we hit big milestones (like 6m, which isn’t too far away!)

It’s something we’re trying out, so we may add some version of it again in the future. And in the meantime, rest assured we’ll keep you updated when we do reach these important milestones.


Daym. You’ve just given my F5 key both relief and a new lease of life.


We wanted to help you make that financial saving @davidwalton :pray: