The race to SIX MILLION users is over

Why do you think there should be?

Adverts are for advertising, Monzo is growing organically without millions spent on tv ads and runs mostly by news articles and word of mouth successfully.

Im not sure to be honest i find the starling ones annoying i like the excitment more of seeing some one with a monzo card and giving them a nod to say aye great bank more , I shout to the roof tops about why i like monzo lol


which is good :slight_smile: as some times thats all thats needed , the starling adverts are a bit like the domnios yodel annoying as hell , i just wondered why or if monzo had considered it , i did see the bus which i thought was a great idea , but not seen any thing like that where i am

I’m very sure they have considered it but why spend money when you don’t need to :sweat_smile: they’re growing at steady pace, going too fast may cause quality of service issues.

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yeah a good point growth at a steady pace is better than sputring ahead and not being able to cope with demand , then it affects the service which is the last thing any good company needs or wants , and i think thats where the old dinasor high street banks went wrong they advertise almost constantly , but dont really provide a service like monzo for even old foagies like me lol

There have been Monzo tv ads, didn’t something explode?

There will be another one at some point, they go in cycles.

I was going to ask you kindly to put this in the referrals topic but I see you’re already aware that it should have gone there.

Good effort though. 2 out of 5 pounds :pound::pound:


I must admit, apart from maybe social media, (which is the only reason I knew about the bus too) I haven’t seen a lot of Monzo advertising.
I do think what others have said about word of mouth probably works pretty well for Monzo, especially with their target market.
If folk see having a Monzo account as something fashionable or trendy, and that is boosting their customer base, then why spend extra money on advertising?
Whatever the reasons for the customer numbers increasing… best of luck to them :slight_smile:

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I do think there’s going to be the need to do some above the line marketing, whether it’s TV ads who knows, don’t think they’ll be the same as the 2018 ones, or be like the ‘look we’re really like a high street bank’ ones that Starling do.

Be a lot of social media advertising and buzz there

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Personally, I don’t see that. Fashionable or trendy has long gone, probably about 2 years ago.
What I do see is :monzo: being a banking service which goes beyond the (yawn) normal and offers more. Hell, yeah - there’ll be detractors and anti-Monz peeps, but despite the ‘faults’ we all see in :monzo:, I still can’t find a better alternative. So by definition, it is still the best banking service for me/family at this time.

But I am watching for those viable alternatives. And they’ll come at some point.


I must admit, I missed that one.

:+1: :+1: :+1:

Maybe fashionable or trendy was the wrong way of putting it.
New and different would have possibly been better.
Again, if that is working for them to increase customers… good for them.

I have to agree i left monzo for a whole 3 months and went back to a high street bank … what a mistake , so i came back full monzo again , i did look at starling but didnt like the look of their app , just didnt feel right for me , when you think of tv adverts and im kinda answering my own question here … but just how much attention does any one actually pay to an advert /.


Also depends on the markets, a lot of younger people don’t watch tv these days (I don’t have a TV licence or watch live TV), it’s Netflix or at best catchup TV and as soon as an ad comes on they grab their phone. Monzo did run a very nice looking tube campaign with printed ads a couple of years ago which probably got a good amount of attention since people are stood around just waiting. Tiktok also has arguably the most reach of any ad platform these days for younger-mid age generations who would want a digital age bank.

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The starling ads are in the cinema too

I agree, this is what bought me back to Monzo again. It was the only app that did the basics “right” for what I wanted.

I also agree that the whole “cool it’s a hot chip card” trend has gone, Monzo are now just another bank, to me anyway, so it’ll be interesting to see how they can continue to differentiate from others.

If they did do an advert, I think they should make them not appear just like a high street bank. Monzo is different and the adverts would need to get this across.

Speaking of adverts though, I do hope Lloyds do something new with their adverts soon. I’m so fed up of seeing that horse running.

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That horse is their brand, that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!


For anyone mentioning ads… Monzo did run them, and they’re available on YouTube to watch if you want……

I believe (not watched in aaaages!), this is a combined video with them all cut up for use on the TV etc.


I liked those ads, they were very Monzo