The new JOKER movie

So apparently it got an 8 minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival and they’re already tipping Joaquin Phoenix for an Oscar.

This is the first DC movie I can say I’ve been genuinely excited about for years.

Are you going to see it?

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IMHO one of two ‘must-watch’ films this year… the other being End Game

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Bloody hell, he’s evens! Can’t wait for this movie

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I’m excited to see this too! I didn’t even know it was a thing until seeing this post.

It looks very different I have to admit.

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It’s nearly here :slight_smile: just a few hours before it hits the UK. Can’t wait.

So excited to watch this.

So I went to watch this on Saturday.

No spoilers but god damn. This is a dark, dark movie. Intense. Disturbing. Unlike any other version of the Joker we’ve seen before.

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. This is a psychological art movie in a way that most blockbusters aren’t.

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Just putting it out there but for me…the best joker there has been. Better than Heath just because of the nuances displayed where as for me Heath’s version becomes a bit more brutish in its portrayal

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