The new invoice filtering system on business accounts is terrible

The new invoice filtering system is really terrible at the moment. It is anoying to always now to have to choose a filter. Why can I not just always have them all in a list to begin with like before? The problem is that currently my customers dont always pay my invoices through the link. Some dont understand how it works and others dont like the security so they just pay with the bank details on the invoice. This then means that the invoice remains then ‘UNPAID’ when in fact it is. Unless I remeber to go and manually do it everytime this gets messy.

I am doing my accounts and its a nightmare trying to work out whats been paid and what hasn’t. I am now having to try and cross reference incoming money to my account and invoices. As it is phone only I have now had to export everything to google drive and each month comes in a seperate csv file which is also a nightmare as now I have to combine all the csv files into one file (which you have to do through the terminal command app! Thats been half an hour on youtube to work that out) then open in numbers and sort it all. I’ve wasted half my afternoon just working this out.

Please give the previous screen with all invoices in history and then the option to filter. Also, the sort by year/month/day filter is bugged. The scrolling wheel to access the month for some reason bugs out and its a nightmare to change and get the correct month. I can make a video if anyone would like to see.

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Try Xero. The bank account is a bank account. Xero is accounting software. They do two different things. I can’t imagine trying to invoice from within my bank account using a phone screen and very little invoicing functionality.

Even before I used accounting software, Excel was easy enough to use to knock up a good looking invoice template.