The Monzo Current Account Preview

(Caspar) #849

I’m fairly sure it’s been said at events and on here account numbers are fixed. It would be a massive pain to change them again for all incoming payments. Perhaps they meant the mastercard number on the front of the card is what would be changing? :crossed_fingers:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #850

I believe you friend was mistaken :wink: the account number will remain the same, the only question was around the card number - which may / may not be subject to change

But rest assured, the account number will be unchanged :slight_smile:

(Frank) #851

Yeah what Marcus said is correct. The account numbers will be fixed but the card numbers may be changed as the cards are temporary for the preview.

(Zain Jetha) #852

Cant wait to ditch Starling too!! But now that the 1,000 Milestone has been passed I’m very confident about things moving forward.

(Jonas Templestein) #853

Apologies, that must have been a misunderstanding. The account numbers remain the same :slight_smile:

Are the preview current accounts forever or time-limited?
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(Dafydd Thomas) #856

Got my testflight email! Running through the remote verification process now, going smoothly. Set it to notify when verification has been done. Good job guys :+1:

(Dafydd Thomas) #857

Verification done! The app just shows the ‘Activate my card’ with the OMW animation. Didn’t people say they got their cards pretty quick?

(Daryl) #859

Get all happy and excited I get an email, then to find out its from Ebuyer or Vouchercloud and it ruins my morning haha

(Dafydd Thomas) #860

@alexs Just from my previous question:

Also, as the current account switching service won’t be available for the test period… is it possible to make a switch to Monzo with some stuff partially setup already in Monzo?

(afonso) #861

Aww man. Can’t wait to get my CA after being with monzo since Jan’16!
Happy fort everyone who has it though!

(Alex Sherwood) #862

Emphasis mine.

What sorts of things (the “stuff”) did you have in mind there?

(Dafydd Thomas) #863

So I move over some direct debits to test with, and when the full account launches would I be able to do a CASS action to move the rest over and have the perk of 36 months for payments to be forwarded to my Monzo account?

(Alex Sherwood) #864

Yes, that’s what I’ve done / am planning :slight_smile:

(Dafydd Thomas) #865

Ahh that’s awesome! Wasn’t sure how the CASS worked, as it feels like they don’t outline enough FAQ.

As soon as my card arrives, will do an almost total switch for optimum testing. :smiley:

(Lance Rumbolt) #866

No He said you would get to keep the current account number


(Alex Sherwood) #869

Thanks Ruben. Before anyone mentions it, I haven’t forgotten that Marcus posted a photo of this slide in the Number of Monzo Users topic yesterday :slight_smile:

@crablab I appreciate you following up on this but I’d like to stick to relying on photos, to avoid any ambiguity :wink:

(Frank) #870

I will have you know my numbers (posted before the photo :wink:) were 100% accurate :sunglasses: ( and posted before the photo :wink:)

If it weren’t for those pesky plant pots I’d have done a photo :upside_down_face:

(Damien) #871

Are there any other crowdcube investors waiting for invites?