The Monzo app is changing: we've had a makeover!

Hmm I’d still want to see the total. Excluding loans, salary etc makes sense, but I’d still want to see the total with that excluded

You would see the total, if the daily balance is negative (as I said salary, etc are excluded from the calculation). In your case we didn’t exclude the Tesco positive transactions from the calculations, so the total was positive, and we didn’t show it

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Seems 2 different things are being discussed.

Net spend is being shown, but spend is spend regardless of money coming back in.

Which is more useful in that spot is personal preference which means there’s no right or wrong answer


Yeah I’d still want to see that positive balance ie today is positive because of refunds and I’d like to see that daily summary with a positive number. That or - while less useful still better than showing nothing - just the negative spend.

Also thanks for engaging. :slight_smile: it’s this stuff that makes me love Monzo and convinced me to invest. Hell the moment you open a UK office that’s not in London my CV is getting updated. :smile:

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They’ve got one in Cardiff

Disagree. If I spent £100 on an oversized hotdog onesie and got a refund of £100 an hour later when I returned it after seeing myself in the mirror, I’d not want to see that I spent £100 that day.

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I heard it wasn’t a tech office. They should totally open one in Edinburgh, big finance and tech hub, plus fresh air and affordable housing. :smile:

Ok, bad wording. A refund is different than just incoming cash.

The example above shows incoming tesco money cancelling out non-tesco spend

Or belfast for some cheap dev work :eyes:

Also potentially open to the eu and uk if the DUP wise up :joy::joy:

Affordable housing? In Edinburgh? I’m not sure where you live but Edinburgh is far from affordable.

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Sadly, yes…

Although i hate workarounds on monzo, as it suggests monzo isnt doing what it’s supposed to do, i think your life would be made easier by adding a note or tag to the last transaction you actioned. Then you could find where you need to start from next time

Can’t stress enough though that this shouldnt dampen your desire for monzo to do the job properly

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Thanks for this! I hate workarounds too… You gave me an idea though, thank you! I’ve just reconciled, and what I’ve done is screenshot the balance as it is right now so I can see the last few transactions that got me to that point, hopefully if I remember to do this each time I reconcile it will be easier!

Saturday morning finances


Is it normal that I still have the old look of the app?

I’m on a iPhone 8 iOS 13.2 with no update of Monzo due.

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No, not normal, but it is down to a server side switch rather than app version

Do you have a business account?

If not, you may be part of a very small control group remaining on the old navigation for now to allow ruling out of problems

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Checked with the in-app chat and that is exactly what is happening.



Just noticed this myself but is this going to be updated to work with FaceID

As it has the fingerprint icon in the top right but I don’t have the button so seems a bit odd having that there.

Someone mentioned

  • No summary of the funds I had at the time when scrolling through payments

How can I see my balance against each transaction?

It’s something in all banking apps (that I know of) and was there in the old UI (via the graph)
Now I just have to trust everything is being calculated correctly without any figures to work with.

Otherwise I have no issues with the new UI

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Either wait until they put it back, or download a statement.

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