"The Matrix 4" announced - Keanu Reeves to return as Neo!

YES!!! This will be awesome.


Will it?


I think so. I don’t think they’d bother unless they had a great idea, especially Keanu.

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Weirdly I feel a bit more confident about this than I might have done a few years ago. Keanu Reeves definitely seems to have been on a journey

I like to pretend that the second and third matrix films don’t exist.

Also the Wachowski’s haven’t made a great film for a long time.

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We’ll always have Bound.

Still, the John Wick movies should dispel any thoughts that Reeves might not be capable of making another Matrix movie.

Might have to start brushing up on my “The Matrix stole its best ideas from Grant Morrison” talking points again now.


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I’ll keep my expectations low and hopefully be pleasantly surprised. The original is right up there in the pantheon of movies which changed cinema.

Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or…

Matrix 4?

Was there a 2 and a 3?

I’m feeling a bit out of the loop, here. :joy:


I haven’t even seen the first one

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Extremely looking forward to the even more overt trans references. :eyes:

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The second one and, particularly, the third one rather trash over the first one, but if you can keep it in isolation it really is worth a watch

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Wow, finally a Sequel to The Matrix! It’s such a shame they never made one!

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Yes if ever there was a case of seriously diminishing returns after overhype, it was Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions.

I loved the first film, and saw the other two and the Animatrix but… totally forgettable. It’s weird how The Matrix isn’t even talked about any more - I honestly think the follow ups killed all the goodwill the first one got.

I’m willing to give it a go, but sometimes creative people should just move on to new projects and let the old ones lie.

(I just remembered it was my first ever DVD, that I got with a brand new computer, and was pleased because there had been so many news reports that people might struggle to watch the movie on DVD as all the effects took up so much processing power to display on screen. Which totally sounds made up now, but it was 1999 and DVD players were the big thing to buy, and it was the big release of the season. (Can only find an old Slashdot thread on it now, which may well have been where I read about it at the time)

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I can totally believe this. The bitrate of that DVD did get pretty high compared with a lot of others at the time!

Even today with 4K media you can have computers stuttering on high action scenes with a lot of I-frames and big changes in P/B-frames where they’ll play “slower” content such as a chat show just fine.

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Just got this