The least accessed tab in the app is ? (Summary for me)

I love Monzo. I am with Monzo since 2016, now fully Monzo and will kinda always be.
What are the least accessed tabs in the app for you guys?

Honestly ? Mine is the “Summary” tab. I may be stupid, but for me is very stupid, quite hard to get around it. The one that was before in the past it was just perfect but since it got changed is just, I NEVER visit that tab for like almost a year.

I am sure that many of you are using it and love it. But, am I the only one who doesn’t really get around it or who is not using it much? It is a shame, it should be one of the most used tabs but it isn’t lol.

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I really like the Summary tab. But it did take me a while to get my head round the difference in behaviour depending on whether or not you set an explicit budget, which I didn’t find intuitive initially.

The significant feature I don’t really use is Shared Tabs. I prefer more bank agnostic approach to bill/expenses splitting.

Help for me. I’ve had Monzo for just about a year now and haven’t needed to use help in that time :man_shrugging: