The Last Blockbuster

A fascinating look at the very last Blockbuster Video store left in America.

Funnily enough, it’s in Bend, Oregon - I’ve been there a few times, as I used to live in Portland!

Really doesn’t seem that long ago that there was a Blockbuster on every high street.

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They also have their own beer!

There was always something special about Blockbuster to me. I miss the routine of going down, taking ages to pick out which film to rent, buying food/drink etc. There’s something reaaaally sentimental about it that Netflix just can’t replicate :weary:


I got away with a massive film collection when they shut down though, new releases were about £3 and then you had the older stock…

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I know the feeling here too!
I can always remember going after school on a Friday around 4ish to pick a video and a game for my console ( pretty sure it was still Mega Drive at that point too!)

Those really were the days.


I bought my first mobile phone in blockbuster


The BBC had an article on this a few weeks back which was an interesting read.

I have to say, I do miss Blockbuster because it took time to get things. You made a decision about the film for that evening with the family, and then got supplies etc., etc. Equally though, I don’t think I’d use them now if they were still around for the same reason. Too time consuming when you can just switch on Netflix…