The Great Permacrisis

The only time my heating goes on in winter is when I have a bath, purely just to help dry the moisture in the air.

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Look on the bright side, you probably won’t need to turn the heating on this year because you won’t be able to afford to heat the water in the first place, so it won’t evaporate as much in the first place :grimacing:


Yes ok, I am mad that you told me to Google it. :joy:

Anyone with British Gas?

The other day the app gave me the option of a “new” feature that I could see my daily use in £, I tapped and it errored and now I get “Ooops, something went wrong” when I try and do anything with regard to my usage.

I haven’t had a bill generated yet for the house so I have very little to go on, other than glancing at the smart meter every day but that’s very anecdotal and I’m obviously not plotting it at the same points.

How low does it get during winter? Do you have an alternative to central heating?

Oh I’m on a ridiculously cheap tariff until next April, so tbf I could probably heat the whole streets water, and not even still be paying anything close to the rest of them.

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30 minutes to an hour maximum. Alternative to central heating is thermals, hoodies and blankets.

I’m on fixed until end of 2023 and honestly so glad. We pay about £50 p/mth electric and £28 p/mth gas and heating for our one bed apartment and I am looking at eye watering numbers on this thread…


That’s a long fix! When did you get that?

Are you overpaying to yourself to prep for whatever thousands per month we have to pay in 2024?

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Well it’s until end of September I think, it was a two year one; I didn’t even think about it when I signed up but glad I did.

Tbh I don’t think we use much anyway; the bulk of our heating charge is actually standing charge as we have not once needed the heating in a year!

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I do miss having a downstairs neighbour to heat my old flat.


Sorry it’s until August.

Tbh it might not be great rates but we just don’t use much electricity. We are in a new build and they are notoriously warm… but we have no choice over gas/heating:

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I had up and down, proper penguin effect. Not anymore :frowning: But no stomping :smiley:

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Yeah I’m in a semi-detached now and my neighbours just aren’t doing enough to heat me for free. So selfish.


In an unexpected twist I am getting a £250 refund from my energy supplier.

I’m on a variable tariff but after my previous bill and price rise I immediately cut down my heating/hot water times and apparently i’ve been overpaying as a result.

I’ll put the money in a pot ready for the next price increase.


Oooop Ofgem confirms price cap update every three months as it warns of 'very challenging winter ahead' | ITV News

Well, on the bright side, means it’ll come down quicker… eventually.



That we can all hope

Unfortunately there’s effectively no competition in the market now, so no advantage to competing on price.



Ofgem could dictate a lower cap and force the energy providers to take a bigger hit on profits.

There’s so few other smaller providers that the initial risk of we could make them go bust if we did doesn’t hold up now it’s basically back to the big five/six.

The main issue is it doesn’t solve anything as a long term solution if selling to us at a loss.

We really need control on generating our own energy otherwise we’ll always be at the mercy of those generators selling it to the providers.