The Great Permacrisis

Indicative of just how unpopular the Tories are, if the Tories aren’t satisfied with the leader the Tories choose.

I cannot wait for their political oblivion.

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You, I, and many other millions :raised_hands:t3::heart:

I predict the Tories win again by a slim margin, but enough to govern without going into a coalition. Voter’s tend to have short memories when it comes to the ballot box.

Edit - also the voter ID requirements will keep the poors away along with others who just don’t have ID at all, for whatever reason. This will probably take away votes from the opposition.


This is great reading and just shows the extent of his cover-up attempts…


Absolutely fascinating reading this, thank you for posting. R-

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The idea that him - actually briefly the chancellor of the exchequer, accountants and his lawyers all collectively forgot basic tax laws, or more importantly somehow thought that no tax was due on about £10m earnings is ludicrous.

You don’t accidentally move £24m to an offshore trust!


I once forgot I’d put that much down the back of my sofa :eyes:

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Was this on a holiday to the Cayman Islands? :eyes: