The Great Permacrisis

According to Octopus crystal ball mode I need to be paying £253 a month to break even by next July, am I reading that right?


Yes, London Power has a one–off payment facility. That’s a better idea!

My energy usage is about to change anyway. I currently live with someone who is home more than I, but they’ll be gone by September, so my consumption is about to halve (50% fewer showers, less cooking, washing, and less heating during the day)


Both me and other half work at home, so no escaping the increase :cry:

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I’m not looking forward to winter working from home. I’ve always wanted it to be comfortable, rarely wore more than a tshirt and joggers in what was usually a fairly warm environment.

I’ll be closing the door to keep the heat in and working in multi-layers I think!


Yep, that’s how it works.

Just under £160pm for me, yet their Loyal tariff suggests £200pm :man_shrugging:

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Then surely you can stay on the cap, put your DD to £160 (£253 in my case) then carry on as usual?

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And then 4.4 in April.

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This is stating the obvious. I remember the same being said, about the price cap not being fit for purpose, six months ago when this crisis was developing and energy companies were collapsing. Lo and behold, nothing done.

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I mean it can and most probably will, either way you look at it, there’s 2 piles of :poop: up to be PM, with the front runner likely to stick her head in the sand, as she’s really not got much of a clue on anything.


Farming / Food crisis incoming… Hopefully we’ll get a wet winter


I find it absurd that companies give us patronising advice about how to reduce our individual usage of water, while failing to fix their infrastructure.


I mentioned this on some stupid tiktok that my water company gave about saving water. Said maybe they should actually invest in replacing the pipework rather than paying out millions to executives and shareholders.

Just got a cookie cooker response of, if you see a leak please report it :eyes::person_facepalming:

A bit of help for Santander customers incoming.


Latest of many I’m sure…

Is there a version of something like this for non octopus customers?

I really need to start crunching numbers right now to project the next year or two and adjust my budget accordingly. At some point this is going to make a dent in my more modest lifestyle than most.

Thx antandec

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Just logged on and noticed the message.

I got £4 on my 2% category with my Eon direct debit at £200

So £8 :palms_up_together: cashback incoming and about £3.50 from the other 1% and 3%.

Not bad for bills I need to pay anyway.

Way more than any interest :sweat_smile:

Annoyingly also found the variable mortgage is up +£28 in September due to the government messing about with interest. :rage:

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Isn’t it capped at x per % with Santander? Can’t remember how much.

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Yeah it’s being raised to £10 cap on the 2%

Basically if your DD is £250 then you can max it out getting that free tenner.

Eon used to allow you set the DD in app but can’t see that option now.

Unfortunately it’s only for Sep/Nov


I wonder if I could ask Bulb to increase my DD for two months. It would be worth £16 in cashback.

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Just to add to my previous post as this popped up