The Great Many Crises

Anyone here have experience with electric underfloor heating? We’re getting the flooring redone throughout the downstairs of our house and are looking at getting electric underfloor heating but struggling to figure out the process. Presumably the installation requires both an electrician and a carpenter, if so do we need to organise the timing ourselves or are there companies that handle the whole process? Any insights would be appreciated.

[I was going to make a new thread, but I figured this is a measure related to reducing reliance on gas]

I’d start by getting a quote from a good local building firm who can manage the whole process for you including any subcontractors.

I’ve not done electric underfloor but I have been there with trying to manage various contractors and also with having a local builders do the project management bit and I’m a big fan of the latter! It’s easier and can end up about the same price.

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If you’re talking purely electric and not something running off your boiler, needing manifolds etc etc, then fortunately it’s a pretty simple process and you’ll find a lot of people who lay floors deal with these systems day in day out. They’ll have people who can deal with the thing from start to finish.

Edit - to be fair even the ones connected to a Combi boiler, would pretty much be dealt with by a lot of floor layers, they all have connections to people in different trades, they’d just organise to have whoever in 1st to do what’s needed


Received £150 today…



Not looking good for a lot more people, could link to many articles all mainly saying the same kind of things. Pretty much most people are at least in agreement it’s a major issue


Jonathan Brearley, the Ofgem chief executive, said: “Today’s proposed change would mean the price cap is more reflective of current market prices and any price falls would be delivered more quickly to consumers.

Call me cynical but prices aren’t going downwards any time soon, all this means is we get 4 price rises a year instead of 2. I suppose it’ll be more evened out as it rises though, instead of a massive rise like now.

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And then in theory, it would come down quicker.

What annoys me about the hedging aspect of it is that they take the wins but when the losses come, get mardy about price rises.

Yeah that’s just a big when does it happen, can see it a couple of years off yet. However will there then be a big yeah but actually we’ve spent all this money on building new power infrastructure, so prices are staying the same to recover the costs.

Put it this way I’ll not hold my breath :sweat_smile:

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My Octopus Go tariff ends in June and I’m really not sure what the best thing to do is - probably switch to their current Go which is more than double what I’m paying now :person_shrugging:

I think mine ends, end of this month. I’ve not had anything through as yet about the new prices

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I changed the pump settings for our central heating and put our heating on timer for morning, late afternoon and evening times, and so far today feels like we have used half the energy we would have normally.

Gas especially. 49p so far today. Majority standing charge :sweat_smile:

You’re still using the heating in May?

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It was just on and controlled by the thermostat but trial and error to see where we save the most cost. We are pretty much sea front so it’s windy here. Forever cold.

I’d call you a realist.

History shows again and again that prices struggle to come back down after going up in situations like this. Because what the company thinks is not “we can go back to normal now” but “people are used to paying these prices now. More profit for us!”

As the man said: greed is good. :neutral_face:


I have the same dilemma - sticking with double-the-cost Go, or switching to Intelligent Octopus which isn’t any better cost wise, but gives a 6-hour variable cheaper window for power-hungry items.

I suppose I should feel lucky that we’ve had such cheap electricity when everybody else has had such high bills, but just the standing charge going up from 25p a day to 49p a day is gonna hurt!

I’m trying to work out whether Agile might be a better switch, but the guarantee of cheap electric during the night when I’m working is probably the better option as Agile is so close to the 35p kWh max most of the time.

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Looks like Intelligent Octopus is actually the better deal for me. Go and Intelligent are the same prices, but an extra two hours either side…

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Same for me- I’d switch from Go to IO so that my smart devices and EV take advantage of the extra hours. Agile has had its time unfortunately.

But no way am I jumping yet, my Go (literally half of those prices) can continue until September!

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