The Great Many Crises

That’s above the current ofgem cap - can’t you change to your supplier’s standard variable tariff?

It’s a local heating company for the whole building, we don’t get a choice in who provides it.

Ah, OK - that’s a pity.

As I noticed Octopus Go has increased its off-peak and E.ON have stopped their EV Drive tariff I thought I’d take a look at E.ON now.

Next 2 Year v15

41.77p kWh and 39.41p day
13.03p kWh and 26.12p day

( (41.77 * 2900) + ( 39.41 * 365) ) / 100 = £1355.18
( (13.03 * 12000) + (26.12 * 365) ) / 100 = £1658.94

£3014.12 :exploding_head:

Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 15.29.28

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It’s all going up. Not unexpectedly though.
I’m currently with the Octopus Go May 2021 V1 tariff (15.78p/5p per kWh with 25p SC per day) until, hopefully, next September, as I switched just before the GO prices went up in October.

Of note, Agile Octopus has recently come back to life and has had several days of plunge pricing (you get paid to use electricity) at the start of the year. The gamble is if that trend will continue or tail off like it did in mid-2021, becoming way more expensive than Go. At this stage, I’m HODL with GO

But compared to the E.ON prices above, :octopus: is still strong.



No bigger crisis than that of receiving a pair of unsolicited socks.

Worse than the unsolicited U2 album!


I think it’s all about timing :man_shrugging:

Didn’t early Monzo customers crave Monzo socks? :joy::rofl:

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Socks are great!

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On the one hand… What a gaff.

But on the other, I do like new socks, so…

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Another to add to the list, a bigger whoops, Warrington Council were tied up with them.