The Great Many Crises

Todays announcements will benefit me, but will be entirely offset by the new increased remortgage rate I’ve just agreed. So really, it’s a net-negative. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for some right now :frowning:


I don’t think normal life will be restored until we are done with Russia.It’s a good thing they’ve been turned off Instagram, you can find out more about it here - .

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When Russia stop being arrogant idiots we might be in luck.


More chance of cheque imaging!




What do you mean cut?

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According to the widget on the Sky article I’ll be about £80 better off each month.

But my mortgage will gain another £30 with the 2.25%

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Increased you mean that’s a good thing :+1: so if you buy a house worth £300k you’ll only pay stamp on the £50k over or zero if it’s your first home all the way up to £425k

Well off first time buyers will benefit the most

These are the new price thresholds, after which stamp duty must be paid:
• After the first £250,000 for people who have purchased property before (it was £125,000)
• After the first £425,000 for first-time buyers (it is currently £300,000)
• For first-time buyers of homes more than £425,000, they will be entitled to 5% relief from that price up to £625,000 (it is currently up to £500,000)

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I think people bashing the NHS need to look at how much funding it receives and what service is given for that.
Yes there are longer waits but if people start by self treating minor ailments it will instantly be in a better place.
Less load on 111, GPs & ED’s.

It amazes me the amount of people want to see a GP but haven’t tried their pharmacist first or taking any responsibility and looked to manage their own health.

On the sepsis comment above if the triage the call correctly at the ambulance service it is a 40 minute response.
I’m not aware of any ambulance trust that had 7 hour responses for Cat2 calls.


I’m looking over at the block on our development who completed last week and thinking how much this must suck for the new residents…

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When we paid our stamp duty there was no first buyer discount and it was full whack on the whole price. None of these progressive rates.

Payment holiday confirmed, that’s mine not having a DD applied until after March now


They will always advise this because:

  • priority is given to those who can’t get themselves to hospital, and need immediate life saving medical treatment and;
  • going to A&E in an ambulance doesn’t bump you up the queue in itself - so if you turned up under your own steam you’d face the same wait as you would if you turned up in an ambulance.
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The one crisis to rule them all.


At least when it hits parity it’ll be much easier to do the mental maths to convert currencies.


This always happens though, and will likely recover.

‘always happens’ ≠ the lowest level vs the dollar since 1971…


It doesn’t always happen at all.

Gilt yields are up, and the government just announced what amounts to a major spending package. In a developed country this should result in a raise in the currency. What’s more it’s dropped to the lowest level since 1985.

It’s incredibly unusual in a developed economy for that to occur. In fact it might be unprecedented. The financial markets do not normally worry about political developments and react well to extra spending.


So it never drops when budgets are announced? Ever? Not even a penny?

The add, maybe not to yesteryear levels, but is that really important?

Just tells me the rich say f the poor.

Maybe the dollar is just tired?