The Great Holiday Topic 🏖️

Flying out of Birmingham airport today.

If anyone else is flying from here anytime soon, come with 3 hours notice, I’ve been queueing 1 hour 45 mins & just got to the front of the security queue. :sweat_smile:


We’re going out from Bristol airport on Thursday. I’m told by friends who went two weeks ago it is just as terrible. R-

I was going through Birmingham just after Easter and it was just as bad. I’m told it won’t improve until they get the new scanners operational, and that won’t be until at least July.

Flown out of Birmingham twice lately (sadly no choice) and the trick is to actually arrive late. 60 mins before your flight they pull you out of the queue. So turn up 60 mins before and you won’t even have to queue.

Worked both times for me.

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I suspect that won’t work as we edge into the holiday season. They’re gonna end up having to take nearly everybody out of the queue when we get into July :rofl:

Yes, the actual trick is to avoid that hellhole at all costs. Easily the worst airport I have ever used anywhere in the world. And that’s without all the queues.

The scanners are operational now - the issue is that the rules on liquids haven’t been fully adopted, and got reverted back.

Honestly, it’s just a mess, so much building work etc going on - get me back to flying from Manchester :sob:

This is why Skegness exists.


I found the Monzo boat in Croatia @AlanDoe!


I’d say that’s not hot coral but it’s about as accurate as some of the Monzo cards historically have been


I meant the premium white boat behind :eyes::face_with_peeking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:

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Two weeks in Finland and Estonia starts now. Travelling back to the UK on the trains.