The future of Monzo Business Accounts

My fear for business accounts will be for the long term they will only be for average consumers that do a few invoices a month and don’t have any complex banking needs like international payments ect.

There hasn’t been much progress on the Trello board recently.


Im on the waiting list since a month ago, how long do new business have to wait to open an account with Monzo??? :sweat_smile:

They’re doing a very slow roll out while they build the product. If you need a business account now I’d get one with a high street bank until they offer it to you, but don’t expect it anytime soon. (I went with Natwest and they were perfectly adequate…)

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Not sure if this has been asked elsewhere…

I can understand the need to have a personal monzo account alongside a joint. But not the need to have a personal account alongside a business account.

Is there any plans to remove this requirement in the future?

If I wanted to give an employee access to the business account it would be strange to ask them to sign up for personal bank account to only access something for work.

I don’t see having a Personal Account as a prerequisite for having a Business/Joint Account. While I personally don’t have a business account, if I didn’t need to have the personal account, I wouldn’t have it. I see where it originates from though (JA’s bolted onto PA’s as an afterthought in late-2018) but there is no need for both. I’m guessing the Business Accounts are also ‘bolted-on’ to PA’s in the same fashion. My PA lies almost dormant. My wife’s PA lies dormant. We operate only with the JA - so we can’t get loans/overdrafts or shared tabs, links, IFTTT integration, etc., etc., etc.

Substantial work required to make Monzo account types ‘equal’ in operational parity.


Good point they should all be separate tbh.


This seems tailored for one person business.

I doubt many larger business would do their banking from a phone. A good start though :grinning:

Wonder when enterprise accounts will start!

Which is why they’re developing a web solution for business accounts.


I did not see that on the launch page.

It’s been on the road map for a while and was reiterated here


Do we have a launch date for the rest of us on the waiting list for business accounts?

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Not yet.

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I’ve been on the waiting list since Feb’19


Monzo business accounts are likely to be chargeable.

Some illustrative pricing plans are over in this thread:

(Nothing finalised yet, though, as I understand it).

I struggle to get my head around having to pay for an account. Certainly a business account.

I’ll.take a look at your link. Thanks

Edit: while I realise this could be present as “transaction” or other fees rather than annual/monthly/etc fee for the account. I guess it depends how you word it. But still, if I’m getting true accountancy services, that’s another kettle of fish

Whatever the rights or wrongs of it, aren’t almost all business accounts in the UK paid for? Honourable exception to Starling Bank, of course.


You’re of course correct.

I guess I’m holding on to legacy bank business relationships. In that, I pay for the account but don’t actually get anything for it. Certainly not of actual worth/benefit.

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Having access to the account is supposed to be the benefit, obviously.

this is great news, i have recently started a new company and have applied for a Monzo business account.

do you know a time scale that i would likely to be looking at before i know if i have been granted an account or not? this will allow me to begin the process of setting something else up in the meantime.