The Coral Core!

(Ian Lyon) #81

I can’t remember the last time I seen a magstripe that wasn’t black or silver, and the way the navy blue contrasts with the hot coral is beautiful.

I may be biased, but I do love this card!

Also, yes, @DaveTMG is right! In the future, all cards will have the coral core :+1:

(Allie) #82

Metro Bank is bright red :slight_smile:


Lloyds TSB used to have a green one on their 2012 Olympics card.

(Hugh) #84

They did! I still have that card :slight_smile:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #85

So I finally gave in and upgraded my account (I’ll use pots in lieu of Apple Pay top ups for now) and am the proud owner of a Coral Core debit card :tada:

When I opened the letter, though the card did seem significantly lighter than my other cards. Then it dawned on me why that could be; I hadn’t activated it. My PP card had about £60 on it, the CC card was empty - so I activated it and weighed it. It’s 6g now - the same as all my other cards. :wink::wink:

(A/S/L?) #86

Hehe I wish my card weighed several KG to be fair :star_struck:

(Nathen McVittie) #87

Wasn’t allowed to invest and apparently missed out on this, too.
Crying a single tear tonight.

(Bradley) #88

Will the new cards be any less prone to peeling?

(MikeF) #89

This time around, maybe. Given that, eventually, all cards will adopt this (excepting the possibility of fuftre design changes) it’s only a matter of time…

Did I say I want one of these… :grin:


My wife got hers yesterday. Definitely white…

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #91

So there are (I believe) 3 Monzo card manufacturers, they don’t all have the coral core… So there’s a chance you’ll still get white in the middle until all three have moved to the latest design :slight_smile:

It’ll come in time! It’s just luck at the moment, they do look super amazing though :wink:


Oh right. Off topic, but I also still can’t see her in my Monzo contacts. Any ideas?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #93

I would’ve preferred a navy core, for contrast. But that’s just a personal preference.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #94

Eventually every new card will be coral through-and-through :slight_smile:

Not sure about the Monzo contact issue!

I’d check that:

  • Your app has permission to see contacts
  • The number she used to sign up for Monzo matches the number you have saved for her
  • Maybe logout and back in again on your app? :slight_smile:

Can she see you in her contact list?

@j06 Too much colour! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (The magstripe is navy and it looks :heart_eyes:)

(Hugh) #95

There was 1 for the prepaid programme, there are 2 on the current account programme :slight_smile:

(Stephen Early) #96

Has she turned on “payments with friends” in the app?

(Daniel White) #97

My other half has just received hers, different to mine and has a navy mag strip but no Coral Core :disappointed:

Also in the bland white envelope and carrier that my CA Preview card came in, not the fancy envelope that’s in the background of @ilyon’s post.

(Ian Lyon) #98

Oh! I should point out that that’s my MacBook in the background, not an envelope :see_no_evil:

Although aluminium unibody envelopes might be something I’ll bring up at the next team meeting :wink:

(Bradley) #99

How about metal cases for the investors? :wink:

(Daniel White) #100

Hahahahaha, oh yes I see now! I just assumed it was an envelope but can see its clearly a MacBook! Maybe it threw me because it’s Space Grey? Looking at it again and seeing the size, I don’t see how I could have thought it was an envelope in the first place! I should probably wear my glasses more often! :sunglasses:

Anyway if you were looking for an way to incentivise people to upgrade to the Current Account, a Space Grey MacBook with Monzo stickers on would definitely work :wink: