The Colour of the Debit Card


I heard there would be a choice of colours for the debit card. Do we get to pick before one is sent to us? Basically, I’m asking how I can get a black card. My retinas are permanently scarred from using my Beta card so much.


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(Alex Sherwood) #2

I haven’t heard that & I’m pretty sure that there won’t be.

Might be time to buy a new pair of sunglasses :wink:


Community Digest 07/07/17

We were told this at a Monzo event by Monzo employees.



Perhaps you misheard and missed the word ‘not’ :grin:

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No, not at all. It was quite clear.


(doutatsu) #6

I hope you are right, I would really like a different color for the card. It’s better to have a choice at least…


(Adam Clarke) #7

Lovely design work and part of the experience design principles in motion at Monzo. Interesting point about the colour of the card. It certainly stands out and gets noticed – as intended. In the early days I was proud to have the card radiating at people but as time has gone on I do wish I had a choice of a black card, feeling a tad embarrassed at a card that is quite feminine. Ah, I should just get over myself… who cares what people think, right?


(Henry Pedro) #8

can a monzo employee please confirm this?


(Jolin) #9

I have a memory of a post by Hugo saying that they were considering offering a colour choice at some unspecified point in the future. But I can’t find the post now. :cry:

I think it’s pretty unlikely for launch, even if there are now definite plans to offer a choice one day.



When a bank brand name and logo are well established a choice of card colour or design makes sence.

However for a new startup building their brand awareness a consistency in card design or colour until the brand awareness has developed sufficiently is a big part of building that brand.


(Alex Sherwood) #11

It’s actually one of the posts that I linked to in my first reply, the key point is “in the future” :slight_smile:

Yes, all of the previews of the debit cards we’ve seen have been hot coral too…

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(Jolin) #12


Sorry, I should have used that as a starting point of my search! Thanks, as always, for digging up the relevant info from the relative depths of this forum’s history. :wink:


(Samuel Michael) #13

We may or may not be getting samples in alternative colours :wink:


Community Digest 07/07/17
(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #14

This please much love thanks


(Heather) #15

Love the design but would be great for a choice of colours other than blue


(Colin Robinson) #16

Would still like to see cards in the three other colours of the :monzo:


(Leonard) #17

this is fantastic…curious to know if it’d still look as good in coral.


(Sacha) #18

Maybe in the medium term, a colour option would be good. At the moment though, it acts as a talking point for the card when you present it in bars/restaurants (and also for spotting fellow Monzonauts in the wild when catching a tube/bus in London :grin: ) so it be good to keep it hot coral :sunglasses:


(Drew sanders) #19

How about different coloured cards dependant on how long or even how much you spend on the card?
A bit like some banks have ‘black’ or gold cards. Even linking to another subject the ATM Asia etc card has a different colour?

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(Bob) #20

Hot coral for me… I dropped my card in a café a couple of weeks ago on the way out. A customer handed it in at the counter and the girl behind the counter immediately recognised it as mine. She chased us out the shop and stopped us just as we were about to drive away.

I doubt she’d have known it was mine if it had been a generic colour.

EDIT: Big shout-out to Sylwia at Yummy for getting my card back to me before I’d realized I’d lost it :clap: