The Colour of the Debit Card

(Sacha) #333

If anyone wants some hot coral trainers, there seems to be a deal on them here

Hot Coral Trainers! :heart_eyes:
(Peter Roberts) #334

Both my pairs of gym shoes are falling apart so I just ordered a pair :rofl:. Thanks for sharing

(Leon) #335

Thanks but no thanks! :yum:

(Colin) #336

i love the coral colour

Although would be nice to get to choose a different colour for the card would be nice.
Even better would be to have different colour cards!


I actually think the current coral is quite an eye catching colour. From a corporate perspective I think it draws attention.

You always get people behind you in the queue being nosey and there might just be a slight chance that they catch wind of the nice shiny card you’re using and see the MONZO and then think “ooh, I wonder what that is”… can only be good for getting more customers on board, right?


Funny story from Paris on the weekend.

Went to pay for tickets to the National Archive in cash, and handed the attendant £10 instead of €10 (they’re both orange and were mixed together). He was laughing at me and I was trying to explain (to someone with little English) that I’d been up since 4am and was tired.

Then when I realised the tickets were more than €10 together I handed him my Monzo and he lost it. He thought it was a student card! Took a minute to explain it was my bank card while he was handing it around the staff to look at :sweat_smile: At least we got a laugh out of my stupidity.

(Simon B) #339

At some of the tube stations near our office it’s like a sea of hot coral going through the ticket barriers sometimes. Makes me really proud to see. I want that to be the case all over the country (or even the world!)

I was on a train back from Cardiff a while back (before we actually even had an office there) and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a flash of hot coral in the wallet of the gentleman sitting next to me. Used it as an opportunity to strike up a conversation and tell him that I worked here :grinning:

And the amount of comments I got on the card colour whilst out in California was unreal! I always use that as an opportunity to tell them what we’re doing… I think my girlfriend gets annoyed by it :joy:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #340

Funnily enough, I live within about 5 miles from Monzo HQ, and have had a card since September, but I’ve only ever seen one other card in the wild in all that time.

It probably says more about the places I frequent than anything else.

(Caspar) #341

I see several being used at Balham station every morning as people go ahead of me. And often I spot them being used if I’m at a busy station at the weekend, Oxford Circus or TCR. I was going to ask if Monzo knew which stations had the highest number of users but I don’t think the merchant data includes where they’re being used.


In favour of a neon bright colour I’d argue it may be useful for protecting the users from video camera recording during a transaction.

A gang in Paris was specialised in stealing card details via a video camera when people were taking cash out of ATMs in the street. They were stationed in a flat with a clear view on the ATM and used either googles or video cameras.
My sister got her card details stolen in almost the same way: She was negligently holding her card while waiting to pay at a pub counter while somebody was taking pictures of her card.

I know we should be careful anyway but we’ve all been in a situation of rush or carelessness when privacy safety became secondary or forgotten.

If there’s any optical genius here, feel free to pitch in.

(Rosie Eachus) #343

I’ve seen the Monzo ads in the tube stations too, definitely eye catching and makes me smile. Its such a striking colour, everyone always comments on it! #keepthecoral

(Sebastian) #344

I have to say that I am not a fan of the coral colour. I tolerate it but once N26 is in the UK I’ll be off.

(Calum James) #345

Each to their own, but ew, N26’s card looks very corporate, boring, and old-fashioned to me. And their app doesn’t seem to display company logos; just category icons.

I would personally prefer a Monzo card in the Monzo blue colour, but I can see how the coral colour gains recognition and perhaps entices people to ask what it is thereby gaining new users.

Having said all of that, why is the colour of the card so important it would cause you to use another bank over Monzo, especially considering the card isn’t even physical when used with Android Pay and (in the future) Apple Pay?

(Jolin) #346

This. I want a nice card design, but I would never choose my bank based on the design of the card. With contactless, I almost never get my card out of my wallet anyway.

(Allie) #347

Yet it’s one of the big selling points to me. It’s impossible to be all things to all people. But I do think a few choices could be nice. A boring card, a fun card and a premium card?

Maybe the premium card could be semi-transparent hot coral with neon cats? Unembossed, of course. But good unembossed, not the awful quality printing of the Virgin Money rainbow card!

(Jack Donovan) #348

I personally think a black Monzo card would be epic :sunglasses:

(Allie) #349

Well dark navy blue with a black core could be the boring one?

(Jack Donovan) #350

I honestly just think black, like the coral color now, with white MONZO on it. It would look lovely :sunglasses:

(Michael) #351

In an ideal world, I’d like the card to just be black, no numbers on it … just the chip, and a magstrip … really minimalist… I should then be able to get my card number from within the app.

(Ben ) #352

I would love a Hot Coral version of “nothing on the card” for sure.