The Colour of the Debit Card

(Allie) #313

I think some versions look better than others. The same design elements are on every HSBC card worldwide now, but I have a US HSBS platinum. It’s like that, except the lion is grey instead of red. It looks… meh. I also hate the surface finish.

(doutatsu) #314

Wow this looks amazing! I don’t know how it feels and looks irl, but even if its not as good, it’ll still be my new top card design pick

(Allie) #315

Not great, at least my US-issued one. It’s nowhere near my top pics for card designs. Tho we probably have different tastes :slight_smile:

(Adam Kendrew) #316

Their credit card is just as nice too.

(Simon B) #317

I personally find that HSBC design to be very corporate and quite dull.

Not to blow our own horn, but it seems like literally every store I go to here in California, the cashier will comment on the card and how eye-catching it is. Which I obviously use as a plug and tell them that we’re gonna launch here :grinning:

I don’t think that would happen with that HSBC card.

The best cards I’ve seen out here are the platinum metallic ones that some banks are doing, and the Square Cash ones where you can engrave your own signature design on them.

Maybe we can make a metal, hot coral, engravable card? @hugo I demand that we do this! :joy:

(Ashley) #318

I would personally like to see more hot coral across the brand. More on the website & in the app.

(Allie) #319

Can I upvote this times 1000?

@simonb how have you survived being in the US six weeks? I can barely survive two to visit friends from uni and family (I have a few relatives there I’m still semi-close to, my dad was from the US). I don’t intend on going at all this year. My last visit last May was plenty… Good luck to you and keep pushing this wonderful hot coral design

(Simon B) #320

Honestly, I know everyone’s experience is different but I prefer it here - specifically in LA. It’s nice and warm all the time, I get a lot of work done on my music, and there are far more vegan options in most stores and restaurants. Right now where I’m staying is literally 3 minutes walk from Whole Foods :slightly_smiling_face:

Been spending time with friends in Beverly Hills, been out to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, and having an amazing time. I don’t want to go home! The weather lows here are still higher than the weather highs in the UK right now which makes me sad to go home :frowning:

(Allie) #321

To be fair my connections in the US are Montana… Look up the weather in Missoula, Montana. But still. It isn’t just weather that makes me hate it there. I’m very happy for you tho!

Is this a hint you might be employee No. 1 at Monzo Vegas? LOL

(Adam Kendrew) #322

Really? I think it looks great. Each to their own though :smiley: and Monzo definitely has its place among the many card designs out there.

(doutatsu) #323

To be honest, I don’t quite like using corporate as a way to describe a design. What does that even mean? Regardless, as it’s been obvious throughout a multitude of posts, everyone has different tastes, which makes it even more obvious to me that there should be different colours/designs. Even this new HSBC card comes in like 10 different colours.

(Allie) #324

But you can’t pick. It’s based on which product you have. Mine is a dark grey because that’s the product.

(Michael Jenkins) #325

Any update on the coral core? Is it available yet?

(Allie) #326

Yes but only some people get it as multiple suppliers are used. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones.

(Michael Jenkins) #327

Hmmm, I would like one, but throwing away a working card. The thing is, Attenborough wouldn’t be upset, he would just be disappointed.

(Leon) #328

I have both a coral core and a white core card. Both was sent out to me by mistake. I’m not complaining!

(lewis oconnor) #329

do you have a pic of the white card? @patrice58

(Leon) #330

I don’t but let me see what I can do.


I was saddened when my debit card arrived and it was a white core :frowning:

Granted, it didn’t matter for the first 3 weeks of owning it… I even left it on a shelf in my room when I went back up north for Christmas.

It’s interesting, how the loss of an overdraft makes you re-think which bank you want to use…



To give a different opinion, I actually cherish my preview nameless current account white-core card with the old MasterCard logo. I feel like it’s a unique piece of :monzo: history that is now becoming rare as the new personalised Coral core cards are rolling out. :heart_eyes: