The Colour of the Debit Card

(Allie) #210

Honestly, to me the bright card is one of Monzo’s biggest selling points and one of three reasons I’m signing up when I’m allowed to. No FTF is another, and the final reason is that they’re not requiring you declare a gender at all. Metro Bank allows non-binary, which I have as my current account, and they’re great, but I’d rather just not have to even entertain the notion of gender mattering to banking!

(Leon) #211

Ah well. In my case instead of the special/weird (delete as appropriate) wave you seem to do I use something new and high tech…The power of speech! It goes a little something like this…Shopkeeper “Would you like to pay by card?” Me “Yes” Job done!

Even better, almost every shopkeeper I have come across sees me with my card (facing the right way up) and skips the above. Win win.

All joking aside there is more then one way of doing things. If we all thought the same way, life would be quite boring but when somebody is telling me that I must be hiding a certain part of my card, they can move and sit down. As that’s not the case. (Closes briefcase) that is my case.

(Nick Stein) #212

Yuck! Looks like a Nat West card… why would anyone want something so intensely plain and boring? The whole point of Monzo is to stand out from the crowd of boring, old fashioned banks to break the norms and challenge outdated banking formats. The bright card reflects the rebellious streak that is Monzo in the banking world. To use a card as plain as this example would turn Monzo into yet another gormless, grey bank.
To ask them to ditch the colour is like asking them to hide their identity and what they stand for.

(Mark Embling) #213

I really like it. That said, at least 50% of what I like about it is the shiny dots on it. They’d also look pretty snazzy on the hot coral cards… :smile:

(Leon) #214

So Monzo can’t do all the above if they change their card colour or offer another card colour?


of course not. The universe will implode and monzo go bust. Not necessarily in that order.


Card colour customiser for £2?


If you want a different ‘color’ try an American bank


I spent at least 2 and a half minutes adjusting the colour of mine (old prepaid, don’t worry, I wouldn’t actually try and use this…)

Blue looks rubbish. (I have included rubbish Barclays blue for comparison)

(Eve) #219

Thank you for being the brave soul to try it :joy: you should have gotten one of those jumbo markers- those tiny lines are doing my head in


Think of it as the alpha, these sorts of issues will be ironed out in the beta and preview

(Ziad) #221

I love the fact that with the hot coral card colour you can easily recognise it from a distance. I find myself going “ooh, look there’s a Monzo!”


Bit of a workaround for small purchases - Add your debit card to Android / Apple pay, then you don’t have to get your card out for majority of transactions

(Allie) #223

Why only for small purchases?


Because you can only use contactless for purchases under £30

Unless that’s changed recently?

(Allie) #225

That has only ever applied to transactions with no CVM.


So are you saying you can now make contactless payments with Android / Apple pay over £30?


I have used a Starling card at a BP garage where they have contactless without pin for below £30 and contactless with pin for above £30 (rather than Chip and PIN)

However my understanding re non-card NFC payments was it depends on the shop. Some only let you use Android Pay or Samsung Pay up to £30 but many let you use it for above £30 too. I don’t think that limit does apply everywhere (not sure about iPhone though)

(Allie) #228

You have always been able to as long as the shop supports CDCVM. MasterCard rules are requiring CDCVM support soon, so almost everywhere now supports it. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a shop without CDCVM for MasterCard.

American Express, though…


In most shops Android/Apple pay works for over £30 transection - On Android, you just have to use touch-id or PIN to complete a transaction over £30.