The Colour of the Debit Card

(Kevyn) #189

Just because one side is not pink doesn’t mean… its not pink. Yes people saw the greyish front, They equally saw the back when I pulled it out as I usually pulled it out of my wallet card front facing me so the back was on show to the cashier/other customers and I didn’t try to hide it.

  • not my card

(Mike) #190

My representation looks closer! :smile:


I had to laugh when you say ‘Investor’ that’s very much by default. I think the Government who ‘Invested’ my money in RBS prefer stakeholder! I’d not ‘Invest’ a single penny in RBS given the choice. Fat cat bankers got greedy, crashed and burned and wanted me/us/taxpayers to bail them out.

Next time I’m having tea with Teresa and the gang I’ll mention I’m an Investor!

(Leon) #192

Nobody said you should hide it but you said the card is pink while talking
about the Monzo card. There is however one big difference as I have stated

The Monzo card is the same colour all the way around whilst the Smile card
is pink only on the back. So 99 per cent of the time, shopkeepers will
only see the front of the card. (Thank goodness!)


My other cards all peel at the corners…


Never mind the card. What colour should the chequebooks be?

(Bradley) #195

I’ve had the problem before with other cards, but my Santander cards never seemed to peel.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #196

Black with white writing


Just like this one it’s all branded and everything in black you just can’t see because it’s all black :wink:

(Mark Embling) #198

Dark blue covers, obviously.

But all the actual cheques should be on hot coral paper… :rofl:


“‘It’s the wild colour scheme that freaks me out,’ said Zaphod, whose love affair with the ship had lasted almost three minutes into the flight. 'Every time you try and operate these weird black controls that are labeled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up in black to let you know you’ve done it.’”

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #200

Woahhhh! :smile: They look awesome :wink:

I can’t even find them on the Converse site :stuck_out_tongue:

(Chris Maskill) #201

I personally really like the colour of the card, and I don’t think anyone could argue against the positive marketing value it provides.

If Monzo were to eventually branch out in card design, I think it would be great to have a choice of the 4 Monzo ‘M’ colours (as has been mentioned before), as all four colours aren’t typical of what you normally see on bank cards.

Could someone who is clever with editing software make a mock-up of what the card could look like in the other three colours? I’d love to see a picture of them.

(Kevyn) #202

Again, when you take it out of a wallet, the back is facing the shopkeeper. You can also hand it over either way. You can tap contactless face down too. You seem to just be nitpicking my comment to be fair. I know what happened with my card as I had the thing and experienced the experiences I had with it. If you hid the pink back of your card then that was your choice.

(Leon) #203

Lol it was you talking about hiding not me so don’t apply what your talking about for yourself to me thank you very much!

I don’t know what kind of wallet you have and or I don’t know what kind of special way you take out your card, for the back of the card to be facing the shopkeeper. For myself the top of the card stays the top and the bottom stays the bottom.

Which of course means for chip and pin the shopkeeper only sees the top of the card and the same for contactless.

If the whole problem is your wallet look here.

P. S. I think you should say when I take the card out of my wallet, not you. The word you indicates me and sorry no, not quite. As for nitpicking your comment, no I am simply saying that what you said is true only and exclusively for yourself but you are stating it like it’s fact for everybody.


can we put our handbags down now?

(Leon) #206

I don’t own a handbag however I do own a wallet will that do? :wink:

(Nick) #207

Here’s how it works for me,

Step 1: flip wallet open.

Step 2: locate card and slide it gracefully out of its slot.

Step 3: wave card at shopkeeper in the internationally understood way meaning “I would like to pay by card, please”

And so the shopkeeper sees the back of my card.


I award you a fake Prada :wink:

(Eve) #209

This made me chuckle. I do it and say “by card please” when just speaking would suffice. Why is that a thing everyone just does? :joy: A lot of cashiers love how bright it is.