The Colour of the Debit Card

(Leonard) #17

this is fantastic…curious to know if it’d still look as good in coral.

(Sacha) #18

Maybe in the medium term, a colour option would be good. At the moment though, it acts as a talking point for the card when you present it in bars/restaurants (and also for spotting fellow Monzonauts in the wild when catching a tube/bus in London :grin: ) so it be good to keep it hot coral :sunglasses:

(Drew sanders) #19

How about different coloured cards dependant on how long or even how much you spend on the card?
A bit like some banks have ‘black’ or gold cards. Even linking to another subject the ATM Asia etc card has a different colour?

(Bob) #20

Hot coral for me… I dropped my card in a café a couple of weeks ago on the way out. A customer handed it in at the counter and the girl behind the counter immediately recognised it as mine. She chased us out the shop and stopped us just as we were about to drive away.

I doubt she’d have known it was mine if it had been a generic colour.

EDIT: Big shout-out to Sylwia at Yummy for getting my card back to me before I’d realized I’d lost it :clap:

(Izzy) #21

I do like the ‘Hot Coral’ its always a conversation starter!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #22

It’s the 21stC. I’d be more embarrassed at your cliched preconceptions of masculinity and femininity, if I were you.

Carbon! Because everyone likes a nice weave
(Adam Clarke) #23

The point I was trying to make, regardless of your right to defend the product, after all you are a “investor”, is that the very preconceptions you talk about exist everywhere, therefore, for the good of your product all I’m saying is you have to consider them.

(Bob) #24

Isn’t Monzo all about busting preconceptions?


You should be able to choose between hot coral, acid yellow and neon bogey green :sunglasses: I would be disappointed if monzo designed a card as boring as the rest

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #26

You know my thoughts on Acid Yellow on the other thread. Bring it!

(Adam Clarke) #27

Absolutely, it’s a marketers dream. I love Monzo, it’s a great marketing machine. At first everyone feels special with the neon card as it’s unique but once 3 million people have it - then the appeal may wear off a tad! New cool cards will need to be introduced to acquire those people with the “preconceptions” all created, driven and exploited by marketers. I look forward to a world where all products are equal and both men and women are doing things like shaving with a single razor blade because people decide to stop using pink or black handled razors because they wake up and smell the coffee :joy:. Good healthy debate :+1:

(Gregory Worrall) #28

Matching the colours of the logo as options would be a great brand design move

(Mike Brennan) #29

I’m loving the Hot Coral card, it’s awesome and I love getting it out and flashing it at contactless machines :heart_eyes:

However a few years down the line it’ll be cool to branch out and offer some level of customisation for users as part of the product roadmap. Just don’t lose the original colour! :sunglasses:

(P Burrows) #30

I don’t mind the colour of the card what I dislike is that it feels and looks a bit cheap. Hopefuly when the current account does launch there will be a different manufacturer and the cards will look and feel a bit less like cheap.

fairly certain i saw a post which mentions that different manufacturers will be used so im hopeful!

(Bradley) #31

Agree with this, my card is beginning to peel at the corner.

(Tommy Long) #32

Saw a woman on the Tube this morning holding her Monzo card and it seemed she’d done her nail polish hot coral to match!

(Mike) #33

Most of my cards seem to peel after a while - it’s probably more to do with the way the cards are stored than the quality per-se. I think the matte texture is great compared to the horrible glossy ones I get from the Barclays customised cards and my nationwide cards…


my SHB card always peals apart but guess it how often it used and how it stored.


But when Monzo has 1bn users, that won’t work :sleepy:


Hazmat Yellow :heart_eyes: