The charger thread 🔌 🧵

So I’ve been looking at getting a 3 in 1 charger or some form of charging hub. There are so many that I can’t figure out which one is best

I need at least one, but no more than 2 USB-C ports and 2 or three USB-A ports. The USB-A ports can be fairly low power as they’re only going to charge keyboards, AirPods and Kindles

I’m looking for something reputable, as I would most likely keep it plugged in at the wall all the time. I’m also hoping for not too many cables because it would go by my bedside.

What do you use for your charging needs? Any suggestions?

Got it for £30ish around Black Friday. Great piece of kit.


@RAVipatel recommending a RAVpower charger :thinking:

There’s a conspiracy in there somewhere!

In all seriousness, I’ll second the recommendation. I have the same one that I use for trips and it’s great.


Thanks both! The RAV(i)Power does indeed look good. I saw it earlier today but as I don’t know much about the brand I was put off a bit at first.

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I would recommend RAVPower and Anker. Hopefully goes without saying that spending good money on a charger is a price worth paying.

The thing I love about these types of charger is that you can just buy a figure 8 power lead for US
/ EU and you’re set for travel wherever.


I would say Anker first, then Aukey and Ravpower. All reputable, all super well reviewed.


I have an Anker one that is aces. But it’s all USBa and my next one will need a couple of USBc as well. Hopefully they do one :slight_smile:

I’ve currently got an Anker one that has a USB C PD and 1 USB A, but I as I’m often swapping out cables I’ve been looking to updgrade.

Would consider this one:

Form factor aside it seems quite similar to the Rav one posted above

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I’ve been using one of these for ages; then again cable wise it’s not the neatest solution. However it’s cheap, reliable and built.

You’d have to supply your own USB C cables but I find it super handy whenever I want to charge my 3DS or something else with a non standard USB connection.

I always used to buy Anker (and still think they’re great) but their prices have definitely increased with their brand recognition. I’ve found RAVPower to be just as good but better value.

That’s fair. Def not as cheap as they used to be. I’ve still found worth it recently but will see next time I need to buy.

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Yeah mine is a bit like this. I’ve had it about six months now and it’s helped reduce the faffing about at my desk. I can just leave all the charging cables I need plugged in.

This is the one I use:

My only tip is to make sure that the cables you’re using to charge devices are long enough!

Indeed! They seem to charge much slower when too short.

I have been using this for my headphones, Mouse and whatnot. Can’t recommend it more. It does exactly what you need it for.

Also can confirm it doesn’t blow up.

I could be talking rubbish here but I thought that longer cables charge slower due to increased resistance?


I think that’s true.

But I meant just having long enough cables to be able to put stuff where you want it!

No, it’s the other way around, the longer it is, the greater the resistance.

Have you not noticed on extension leads when fully unwound and out stretched, they carry less current and normally have a lower current rating. It’s normally written on the top of extension lead.

For charger leads the distances involved are minimal, so if you get a better charge on a longer lead, chances are it’s a better lead and can handle more current in the first place.

Thanks all, I ended up going for the IKEA Åsktstorm charger. Hope it’ll be a reliable one

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Pro tip: I stick all of mine to the walls with command strips. I find it an easy way to hide them behind the sofa / desk / headboard whilst still being easily accessible.

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