The challenge of low-light photography is dead, and Huawei killed it

Seriously impressive stuff from Huawei. If only they would ditch EMUI :frowning:


Night Sight on the Pixel is impressive, magical tech. And Huawei just kicked it down a flight of stairs.

Let’s see what Google can bring to the table with the Pixel 4.

It’s one area where iPhones have always struggled.

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I get such nice photos on my iPhone in natural light that look way more aesthetic than Android phones but low light is such a struggle. I can never get any good concert snaps! I’ve been seeing lots of ads for Huawei and oppo focusing on photo/video features recently.


Preposterous in a good way

I went to the newly opened Changi Jewel mall in Singapore during the preview and my friend showed me the pictures she had taken on her phone. I want to throw my iPhone 6s away.




Huawei leica, view from a random toilet. Reminds me of one of those “artist’s impression” pictures for upcoming buildings


Vs hasty quick pic on the iPhone 6s

For aesthetic flatlays the iPhone does well, but put it anywhere dark and you get this blurry mess.


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