The cat thread 🐈 🧵

I am thinking of buying a cat, but I find the world of pedigree cats utterly confusing.

Despite how much they usually sell for, there is a surprising lack of credible information online about what to do, where to look. Most breeders seem to have websites put together in WordPress in the late 00’s and the sites haven’t been updated in ages.

I don’t really want trust Pets4Homes or whatever it’s called for purebred cats. Does anyone know where to look for credible information and what I need to look out for? Sadly adopting and mixed breed cats aren’t an option due to allergies.

Do feel free to share pictures of cats too

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I’m looking for a dog and you can use advanced filters now to find kennel club registered breeders so they come with all the papers, vaccines, support and such. You also know they’re all well cared for and reared to a high standard. I use this to filter out the people who just find any old pair to breed for a quick buck. The kennel club also have their own website you can search on too.

I assume cats have a similar association?

I found this organisation - which seems to be the closest parallel to kennel club breeders, though the name sounds a bit… off…

It seems to be the main equivalent to Pedigree Dogs and the Kennel Club. But if you’re not set on paying £Lots for a specific breed, do give a local cat shelter a call.

I went to the shelter and got the biggest, grumpiest, least affectionate cat they had, and he’s been nothing but a dream after settling in :heart_eyes_cat:

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Yes, I found them too but the name put me off looking into them further. I shall look into them a bit more

Sadly due to allergies I’m limited to a few specific pedigree cat breeds and can’t just look in a shelter :disappointed:

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They are referenced by Whiska’s and other reputable cat related brands, so they seem legit :slight_smile: Even if they have the worlds most terrible name!

If you end up with a hairless cat I DEMAND daily photos please :slight_smile:



I want to allergy test a Siberian first as I read that they produce low levels of the allergy-inducing protein.

If no luck, then it’s a hairless cat and I’ll just buy cat jumpers for it

Also, now that you mentioned yours, you need to pay the cat tax! The internet demands photos

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I’m sorry. I know I’m peak Gen X for finding a Friends reference to every conceivable situation on the internet.


Don’t be sorry, you’re doing a service – it’s like you’re keeping a dead language alive.


They’re legit. But yes, the name is a bit weird. Biggest in the UK. One step above them as a worldwide group is The Internation Cat Association.

There’s also Pedigree Cat World, where they say all the breeders listed are registered with GCCF or TICA, and they have what appears to be a more useful search function than using the other two sites directly.

Terrible-looking websites would appear to be the norm, and understandably so as the breeders main concern is always going to be the cats. Also as many of them trade by word of mouth and reputation, they don’t need to have fancy websites to draw customers in.

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:cat2: tax!

Here is the grumpy fellow:

Loaf Cat

Brand Ambassador Cat:

Yelling Cat - one of my favourite photos of him

Surprise Second Cat!! Probably need another thread for all the photos: also if you follow their line of sight you can probably work out what they are looking at and where I am holding it…


Random and late bump to this thread - but I just saw this in the news:

Any of you that share a house with a cat, please check if you haven’t seen already!


For those who don’t read beyond the headlines, Applaws dry cat food has been recalled too.

I want a cat/kittens. My girlfriend does not :pensive:

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