The app won't let me do anything that requires a pin number or verification

Issue: the app won’t allow me to do anything that needs a pin number, it says

Details to reproduce: today I changed phone to a Google phone. We used an android Google device transfer to move apps across. When using the Monzo app things that require verification don’t work, like sending money or changing an address. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app and get the same issue
OS: android 12
Device: Google pixel 6wla
App Version: latest



At the top of your transaction feed does it ask you to complete a verification check?

Moving to a new device sometimes triggers an ID check.

for 10 :rofl:

Once for me, you kept changing between devices I recall :joy:

Hello - no verification check has been requested!

The advisors should be able to prompt this for you once you’ve got in touch with someone.