That's it for 2021!


So, Dark Mode missed 2019, 2020 and now 2021 - likely in 2022?

:android: 4.12.0 seems to have fixed the Android ‘double-take’ fingerprint issue for me.


Is that the app on android 12 not accepting fingerprints until you minimise the prompt and click try again?

I mean come on, dark mode is complicated! At least 4 years of development is needed…


Yes, that’s the one. The issue has gone for me since jumping to 4.12.0 and works as it should.


I noticed the issue too, glad they fixed it.


Well, that’s the official and polished releases done.

I had a recent dream where @AlanDoe was Santa (don’t ask), so I’m hoping there might be something else.

(There won’t be something else).



What I want to know is whether I was:
Mrs Claus
An Elf
A reindeer
The naughty boy who only got coal in his stocking.


To be clear, I did not have the same dream - but I could imagine you as a reindeer!

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Maybe we need one of @Peter_G’s famous polls :joy:


I’ll regret this but…

If you were to dream about @Dan5, he’d be:

  • Mrs Claus
  • An Elf
  • A reindeer
  • NSFW
  • Delivering joint account parity
  • The naughty boy who only got coal in his stocking
  • Someone else (tell us who below)

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I kinda hope they’ve been building the functionality “in the background” while re-designing screens etc, it’s a lot harder than just “making things dark” (I’m an iOS developer on the side) but with the right colourscheme logic & testing, I can’t see why this isn’t yet a thing…

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I get that’s it’s more difficult than just making things dark. Not 4 years difficult though.
I’m guessing it’s just been continuously pushed down the list of priorities.


The less important something is, the longer it takes.

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Someone Else : the person who gives us dark mode

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Just had it again this evening.

I’ve just had it too. What a strange thing!

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